The Graduation of koko'

For some people it only happens once in their lifetime.
For some people it's a pointless tradition.
For some people it is a rite of passage.
For me, it's something that all the brothers will do for one last time.

I have always cherished relationships with good people.
This is because I think that it is harder to find a good friend in life than it is to get anything else.
Money, can be earned. Health, can be maintained. Happiness, is a state of mind.
Good friends, they are harder to find than any of the above.

They are like Nasi Lemak...
There are many varieties out there but very few of them suit me.
I have a certain personality & perspective to life.
Good friends do not have to have the same personalities, perspectives or priorities...
Their hearts have to be in the right place.

When I do find one person that I am blessed to spend time with...
Be it a brother or sister, I will keep the relationship for life.
I will maintain it and work hard to keep it alive.

I am blessed with at least 14 brothers who feel the same.
We graduated together & we had dinner together on Sunday.
They have touched my life & I appreciate them for it.
Even though we cannot continue like we were for the past 6 years, we'd still be together in our hearts.

Congratulations, brothers!
We have made a difference!

Here is the story of my graduating ceremony told in pictures...

B.Ed.TESL Graduating Ceremony 2009
Institut Pendidikan Guru Malaysia: Kampus Bahasa Antarabangsa (IPBA)
Saturday, 30 May 2009

Good friends groom & embrace each other.
And do forgive us... We haven't seen each other for soooooo long.

There were cameras everywhere that day!
Everyone was taking photos & having a blast!

We put on ridiculously oversized robes with colourful hoods.
Totally unglamorous but still the centre of attraction!

I graduated in absentia from Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, a few months ago.
So during the graduating ceremony at IPBA, I received a certificate of recognition from Y.Bhg. Dato' Hj. Alimuddin B. Hj. Mohd. Dom, the Ketua Pengarah Pelajaran Malaysia (General Director of the Education Ministry).
This proves that my degree is actually recognised in Malaysia.

Anne the valedictorian gave a wonderful speech reminiscing the past & looking forward to building a better future for Malaysia.
It was well written and delivered flawlessly.
Well done, Anne!

After that, we went nuts & started taking lots & lots of photos.

I would like to thank Nicholas Ling, the cool senior, who came all the way from Sibu to join us & be my official photographer.
You're also the first person besides me to use my precious Nikon D90.

Finally, I want to appreciate the two people that supported me & did their best to help me be a useful person in society.
Mom... Dad... even though sometimes we dont see eye to eye...
You're still the best parents I could ever have.
Thank you for being you.

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