My First Kiwi Ball

Yesterday, Saturday, night i joined my first ever ball...

The St George Ball 2006

It was a kiwi (New Zealander) ball organised by a student hostel, St George.
However, it is not the "ball" that many of you, my readers, think it is...

First of all, it was held at a large sports bar, Chicago Bar, not a grand hall.
Second of all, all you do there is either drink or dance, there is no program whatsoever.
Jz a DJ playing party music, the dance floor & the bar.

Dress up & pay NZ$30 just for 2 free glasses of tap beer or house wine, finger food and a night of dancing & drinking (at your own expense).
You have to put in a LOT of effort to hava good time...
It wud hav been more economical to jz go to one of the local clubs... free entrance...

The only difference here is u hav many many friends there...
And its really wonderful to hav all ur frends around & buying each other drinks...
Dancing with the girls...
It was really a blast!

My date to the ball, Amanda, was really beautiful tat nite... as usual...
She's a very special person... however, she doesnt realise it...
nor will she accept this truth...
Well... let's all spend some time blessing her when we next talk to Jesus, k?


As usual, my blog posts are never complete without pictures!

Nesa & Jason
All Hyped Up For The Ball!

Taka & Haruna

Jay & I

Jia Yin & I
She Adores Me!

Me & Haruna

Me & Rose
She Is Now Unavailable... Sorry Guys...
Not With Me Thou... She's With Chris Now!

Nesa & Jia Yin
Mr Charming & Miss Adorable

Amanda & I
Beauty & the ****

And Finally...


Thanks Jason for being persistent in getting me to join!
I had an awesome time!

To my "date" Amanda... a long Hug, a big Thank You... and an even bigger Sorry...

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