Malaysia Night 2006: Happening This Sunday!

The Malaysian Night 2006!

Theme: Nostalgia Relived
Date: 17th September 2006, Sunday
Time: 6 p.m. till midnight
Venue: The Intercontinental Hotel
Attire: Related to the theme
Nett price: $45

There will be cultural performances, live band, lucky draws and sketch performed by Malaysian students from Victoria University of Wellington.

This is an event not to be missed!
I myself am putting my 50 cents into the event...
this means i am performing la...
bt i cant tell u wad it is...
you hav 2 go & find out!

contact me if u need tickets ASAP coz it's going fast!
I jz cant wait!


  1. Anonymous13/9/06 17:03

    it's this!! :)

    hope all goes well and things run smoothly! :)

    it's gonna be great! :)

    malam malaysia!!! :D

  2. oh yes it will!
    wish u cud attend thou...
    too bad...

  3. Anonymous13/9/06 23:53

    good luck u guys!!

    nice poster tho

    u record laa ur perfomance sifoo~
    plis sifu plis~~

  4. no need record la...
    i sing for u one day in IPBA lo...
    btw u saw me sing during the annual dinner wad...
    tat was kinda like my best performance!


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