NZ 18+ Card

I finally handed in my 18+ card application form in today!

With the 18+ card, i hav a legal form of identification which i can put in my wallet and carry around conviniently with me all the time.
Therefore, whenever my identification is required...
be it during the purchase of alcohol/cigarettes/party-pills or before entering a club/bar...
i dont need to bring my bulky passport with me nor risk losing it.

How to get your hands on an 18+ card?It takes around 30mins to apply for one.
Bring with you:
- Passport
- 1 passport-sized headshot photo
- Proof of address (ur printed address on anly formal letter will do; ie: bank statement)
- NZ$20

1. Look for the many PostShop/KiwiBank branches in NZ.
click here to find one near you!

2. Join da usually long line, wait ur turn & ask the person behind the counter for an 18+ card application form.

3. Leave the counter & fill the form up.

4. Look for a Justice of Peace & get him/her to certify tat u r truly 18 years old or above.
The Yellow Pages is very useful...
a Mr Thomas Evens can be found at the Wellington Central Library.

5. Go back to a PostShop/KiwiBank & hand in ur form with the NZ$20.

6. Wait for your card to arrive at ur stated address!

It usually takes 2 weeks.


  1. Lols... so many procedures, so mafan~

    let me share wif u how your procedures will look like if you're living here.

    1. Go to the Queensland Transport Department.

    2. Find the 18+card form and fill your information in.

    3. Go to the counter and show three idenfication stuffs: University Card, ATM Card, Passport.

    4. You will be directed to be taken a on-spot portrait.

    5. 15 minutes later, time to take it n ciao!

    Easy~ Sweet as~

  2. ermm the last pic..was that nesa's hand? hehe

  3. to Nicky:
    You're right!
    Even the justice of peace made a joke, "Wow! It's like applying for New Zealand citizenship!"
    but it is still more advanced than Malaysia in many ways...
    esp professional thinking & honour...

    to Tasha:
    yeah... it is...
    u miss it?

  4. why would I miss NESA'S hand? *geleng kepala*

  5. **geleng kepala as well**


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