Auzzie Here I Come!

It's official guys!
Im headed for Auzzie for the summer!

Arriving at Brisbane on Thursday, 14 Dec, 8.05AM!!!

Look out Brissies, Siddies & Melbees!!!
Looking forward to gud sight-seeing, catching up wif gud ol' frens & gud ol' SHOPPING!

The Plan:
1. Brisbane = visit the 3 worlds, do sum afta Christmas shopping at Gold Coast!
2. Sydney = visit sum monkeys
3. Melbourne = visit Dewinta
4. New Zealand = Might go to Auckie afta tat... unconfirmed...

1. Tam Suet Yet
2. Nesaghanth Rachenamothy
3. Tan Sue Fin


  1. :(

    i won't be around...

  2. For Dewi:
    Yeah! Cant Wait!

    For Tasha:
    Sorry Tasha...
    I'll miss u thou...
    leave something for me, k?

  3. We greet you with the warmth of Sydney.. hahaha (since it's always cold in Wellington)

  4. i like the melbourne part. *winkz* i feel 'special'. :p

  5. For Ana:
    Tat's very kind of u...
    but Welli aint cold 2 me...
    jz windy...

    u shud experience it!
    it'll blow u away!

    For Dew:
    u r special...
    ur my special special fren...
    we hava long history traced to many centuries ago...
    cant wait 2 cu!

  6. Anonymous12/8/06 17:23

    how much is the tix? did u book via on9 or how???? i also wanna go australia... :p

  7. Anonymous12/8/06 17:24

    btw, welcome to CHCH too ^_^

  8. For aihui:
    I bought it from during a promotion which ended last Wednessday.
    The ticket only cost me $199 (Wellington - Brisbane)
    but u shud be able to get a good priced ticket from flight centre...

  9. lols. u'r coming to Brissie 1st!! sweet as! make sure that when u come here, ur luggage is 1/4 filled. Aussie shopping's gotta burn ur pocket hole real DEEP! N bring one kangaroo or wallaby back! coz WALLABIES rules~

  10. Anonymous15/8/06 12:12

    cool. thanks. actually sengchee and some frens are planning to come over to NZ in dec/jan, and then my fren and me will follow them back to Aus.

    i spent quite a lot on airfares the last time i went to aus, a bit silly, shud've bought it from virgin blue or some sort. the airport tax for aussie was already nz199 :p

    anyway, i'll take note of promotions and stuff, and wait for sengchee and gang to invade nz ;)

    nicky, i bought a KANGAROO back. and a koala, and a wombat, and a hippo. i've yet to bring a meerkat back :p

  11. To Nicky:
    Too bad u cant join hor?

    To AiHui:
    Hey, keep me updated bout SC & gang comin ova!


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