Panelist @ Unite 2030: Youth Leadership Summit

What a privilege to be part of a Unite 2030: Youth Leadership Summit panel of amazing teachers from Malaysia & the Philippines, speaking to an international audience.

I enjoyed listening to Cikgu Nazira & Ms Ansherina about how they developed as leaders & the advice they had to give to budding educators. Cikgu Nazira inspired us with her positivity & the great impact we make as teachers, while Ms Ansherina talked about holding on to our passion for teaching & having lots of grit.

Of course, I added my bits & quite a bit of 🌶🌶🌶 to keep things interesting. Mainly, I hoped that teachers do not work alone. Find a tribe. People who will support you when you're down or have failed miserably. And do the same for them too.

More ❤️ to you, teachers!

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