NST Feature: When The Going Gets Tough

Grateful to be featured in the New Straits Times alongside awesome teachers, Cikgu Nor Azizah Md Nordin from SMK Kemumin, Kota Baru, & Cikgu Thiba Lakshmii from Pusat Tuisyen Sinar Idealis, Klang. Thank you, Mr Izwan Ismail & NST for highlighting our YouTube channels. I hope that they'll be useful to every student in need of extra guidance. 🤩

This piece of recognition was a pretty timely boost because I was really down this morning after discovering a few students going afk during my online teaching session. Their devices were logged into Jitsi (a free Zoom alternative) but when I asked for responses... nothing. This happened multiple times. Even at the end, when I said bye, I waited for 1 minute to no response. 😔

I spent a few hours after that licking my wounds & wondering if I was being too demanding or expecting too much. I realized that I can go the cynical path, but I can't be an effective teacher if I don't believe that they can/want to improve. I have to believe that they can. I have to keep solving problems. Keep pushing & pulling. God give me strength. Friends, do pray for me & all of the teachers in Malaysia going through the same struggles! 🙏

The full NST article is available here:

Do check out the featured YouTube channels:
Cikgu Jarod (English) https://www.youtube.com/jarodyjk
Cikgu Nor Azizah (Physics) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJLsQKedEuilvNeEE3h8BbA
Cikgu Thiba (History, Science, Math) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0hJuxW4hS6PUAQm29WFVUQ

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