Sending Off My SPM 2020 Students With Ice Cream


Imagine leaving everything that you're familiar with to head to a faraway school for your secondary education for 5 long years away from your family.

Half of every day was filled with tiresome physical exertion while the other half with mental exhaustion. Not to mention a certain nosy English teacher.

Worse still, COVID-19 has delayed everything for 4 months, incurring significant time & opportunity costs on your part. You should be working part-time & planning your further education by now.

This was the experience of my Form 5 students of 2020. Today, they finished their English SPM 2020 papers & I am very proud of them as they have displayed plenty of grit & perseverance despite their circumstances.

After their last English paper today, they enjoyed a sweet treat to motivate them to keep up their fighting spirit for the subsequent SPM papers & also their life goals.

Nothing in this world comes without a price: the bigger the dream, the bigger the sacrifice. Hope this little bit of sweetness will make the bitterness of life a little more bearable. Thanks for being a part of my life, students. Wishing you all the best & may all of you be successful in the future!

Special thanks to sponsors, Jee Wang & Shu Wen, for making this treat possible!

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