Motivation: KFC Treat For Hardworking SPM2020 Students

Over the past few weeks, I noticed that my SPM 2020 Form 5 students were becoming increasingly focused on their studies. Some started asking deeply relevant questions reflecting their diligence in revising for the SPM English test. A few of the weakest ones were finally able to apply the exam techniques I taught them, reflecting plenty of effort on their part.

This is in stark contrast to a year ago when many of them were still very happy-go-lucky. The extreme few would refuse to do any work & answer back rudely, while a handful would sleep in my class after all night gaming sessions. Also, remember all the crickets during my MCO online lessons?

After the last extra class session with them, each student received 2 pieces of KFC fried chicken during lunch: 1 original recipe + 1 hot & spicy. All of my students are boarders, so they were allowed to stay at school until the end of the SPM examinations.

KFC may not mean much to most children from middle-class backgrounds, but for my kids from the rural areas & underprivileged backgrounds, it’s a rare treat. I asked the KFC branch in Tabuan Jaya for their biggest pieces of chicken for my students & I am glad they complied.

Needless to say, they were elated & all smiles during the day. Looking at them tear into the chicken gave me a lot of joy. I’m sure that this will motivate them to work harder not only for English SPM, but also their other subjects.

Special thanks to Shirley Ang, Catherine Chung, Haruchan & family, & Phyllis Ting for making this treat possible!

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