Looking For An English COVID-19 PSA For Your School?

Feel free to use this PSA at your school! It was produced in English for SK Pusat (Kemaman, Terengganu) & SMK Tabuan Jaya (Kuching, Sarawak). It will be played 3-times every day: before the school day begins, during recess, & after the school day ends.

Thank you, SK Pusat & SMK Tabuan Jaya for allowing this recording to be shared with the rest of Malaysia. Please support the YouTube channel by playing this announcement from YouTube rather than from a download. We will not run any ads on this video.

PSA Content:
1. Please make sure you are in good health today. Let your teacher know if you have symptoms like cough, fever, flu, sore throat or breathing difficulties.
2. You are required to be at your own desk at all times during lessons.
3. During recess, please eat your meal at your own desk in your own class.
4. Please clean your desk after meals.
5. Please make sure you wash your hands properly and regularly
to maintain good hygiene, and avoid any bacteria or viruses.
6. Please follow the designated routes when moving around the school.
7. Please maintain social distancing at all times when in class, at the canteen, or anywhere else in the school.
8. Avoid touching your friends, teachers, and everyone else.
9. You are not allowed to be in or around the school compound after school.
10. Please practice the 3Ws – Wash, Wear, and Warn. Avoid the 3Ss – Sesak (crowded places), Sempit (confined spaces), and Sembang dekat (close conversations).

Recording by Jarod Yong from SMK Tabuan Jaya, Kuching
Script by Cikgu Wan Muhaimin from SK Pusat, Kemaman
Music by Damon Empero ft. Veronica


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