Stuff You Don’t Wanna Miss For #HariGuruMcD 2019

We often get so caught up in the grind & rush for deadlines, that we forget those who are most important to us, our family & friends. Take them out this weekend!
**Disclaimer this post is sponsored by McDonald’s Malaysia**

#TerimaKasihCikgu! Happy Teacher’s Day!

Thanks to Wesak Day, we have a long weekend! Remember to make your way to the nearest McD from today until 20 May 2019 to redeem a free meal with your voucher!

For those of you who have to travel long distances to get to a McD, there are 2-for-1 promos on the McD app that you can take advantage of to make your trip worthwhile. Bring the entire family! Use this time to put away your smartphones & cherish the people you love the most, your family & friends.

Caption: 2-for-1 promos available on the McDonald’s App!
The Durian McFlurry certainly looks irresistible in this hot weather! When you get one, make sure you don’t bring it to a library!
After the McD vouchers arrived at my school, my colleagues were clearly delighted when they realized that the curiously dark rectangular pieces of paper were vouchers. Although we did talk about how small a regular McD meal was, we were thankful for the gesture of appreciation. Soon, teachers were making plans to head to McD together.

I got my #TerimaKasihCikgu McD vouchers last Friday.
My administrators did it right. They had a member of the staff personally hand it to each teacher.
Some couldn’t wait; They went on the morning of the 16th itself & returned proudly to show off their golden arched meals. Those who had a jamuan-less meeting in the afternoon (oh, the torture) were thankful that they could at least munch on a free Filet-O-Fish & down it with an icy beverage. Meanwhile, I was making plans to treat my wife to a Durian McFlurry at McD after a 4-year hiatus.

This has been a busy year for McD. Here's what they’ve put together for us in this year alone:
- Anugerah Guru Inspirasi: which publicly raises the profile of teachers & gives us 25 role models to emulate; Read the nominations of the award recipients here:
- Teachers’ Day parties in April at all 278 McDonald’s restaurants;
- 9 motivational seminars by Dato’ Dr Hj Mohd Fadzilah Kamsah organized nationwide, impacting more than 4,500 teachers; and
- a free meal voucher for all 420,000+ teachers in Malaysia, worth approximately RM4.5 million.

Pic taken from
Dato’ Dr Hj Mohd Fadzilah Kamsah in action at one of the motivational talks organized by McD for teachers.

Having felt undervalued or forgotten as a teacher, I’m glad that there’s at least one organization out there that’s looking out for us. On behalf of all teachers in Malaysia, thank you McDonald’s Malaysia for your efforts. We truly appreciate it & we feel encouraged to continue our struggle in launching new generations of Malaysians into the 21st century.

Have a great weekend, everyone! Selamat Hari Guru!


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