Eco Public Speaking Competition @ SMK St Joseph, Kuching

My heroes! 😍😍😍

Celebrating these students who represented SMK Tabuan Jaya to the Eco Public Speaking Competition organized by SMK St Joseph for Kuching district! They were the first in a long long time. It's not typical for the students at my school to participate in ENGLISH language competitions.

Words cannot describe how frustrating it was to get just SIX students to participate in a 3-minute public speaking competition out of almost FOUR HUNDRED students at my school.

When my students hear that something involves English, they run to the nearest nuclear bunker & lock themselves in. I've had students attempt to manipulate me, flake, break promises, & ghost me at the last minute. Thank God for these 6 who were consistent & dependable.

Although we didn't win any of the awards, it was still a big big win for all of us. These students wrote their own scripts, practised speaking every day, & honed their abilities to deliver a convincing speech. I have no doubt they will continue to improve & be great speakers of the English language.

May this be the beginning of a cultural shift at my school towards a more can-do attitude when it comes to the English language.

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