A Stewardess Speaks At The Jungle School

My students & the first motivational talk of the year!
I believe that everyone has a unique story to share & that story will more than motivate & inspire my students. I realised a long time ago that my students lacked role models in their community who were able to give them insights into a better & brighter future due to their unfortunate circumstance of being in the middle of the jungle without money, influence or power.

Instead of pointing my fingers at the school counsellor & saying that it's his job, I take it upon myself to personally seek out people who would enjoy & benefit from the experience of travelling to an exotic destination & making a difference in the lives of disadvantaged & forgotten children.

This year, I'm glad that I found one in Adriena Ng, a young stewardess of an airline that I've been complaining about recently. She took time off her annual leave, booked her own ticket from KL to Sibu & paid her own way to my school to give a talk to my students. Kudos to you, miss.

Adriena Ng gave a motivational talk to my Form 5 & Form 4 students.
Why is a stewardess great for my students?
I told my students that if they chose this line of work, they'll be making even more money than I am now before they turn 20. That certainly got their attention. (Meanwhile, I was crying inside. Lol!)
Flight attendants are paid well & they get free flights every year! It is a respectable job which will definitely enrich the lives of my students.

It is also a career which is very accessible to my students. All they need in terms of paper qualifications is a credit for both BM & BI. Also, they need to be fluent in both languages to pass the interview.
I used this as a point to promote the learning of the English language & am using it now to push them to work harder on the subject in SPM.

The Q&A session lasted for more than 1 hour!
What happened after the talk?
It's interesting what happened. Now, almost half of the girls in Form 5 want to be stewardesses. (Every girl in the weakest class wants to be one!) Also, I noticed a surge in student motivation & interest in their studies overall as well as enthusiasm towards the English language especially from the girls.

It feels really great to be able to provide such hope for the future to my students. My hope is that this hope translates into effort in pursuing the best results they can muster. I will do my part in providing extra classes & drills.

Finally, I'd like to express a big thank you to Adriena Ng. You made a difference.

Motivation Talk by A Stewardess
Posted by Mr Yong (Jarod Yong) on Thursday, 2 April 2015

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