Amazing Pictures of SMK Katibas (The Jungle School)

I took these photos many years ago for the 2010 school magazine & shared them on the school's official Facebook Page in 2013 but I only just realised that I never did share them on my own blog. Which is a shame.

You'll know by the end of this post why so many people were willing to pay their own way to do short-term volunteer work at my school even though it is in the middle of nowhere (here, here, here, here, here & here).

Ladies & gentlemen, prepare to have your eyes soothed by the best of nature...

Aerial view taken from the top of a nearby hill.
A glimpse of the school on the way.
This is how we go to school.
What you see on the way to school.
The School Pump
The Aquatic Park
Academic Blocks
Academic Blocks
School Hall
Staff Quarters
Staff Quarters
School Field: Go ahead & drool!
Beautiful, isn't it?
Aerial view of the Aquatic Park
The greenery surrounding the school is soothing to the eyes.
Nature's best everywhere you look.
A Classroom
The Living Skills Workshop
The Arts Studio
The Teachers' Lounge
I bet you've never seen a school like this before. Neither have your friends.
Amaze & enlighten them by sharing this post!

The school looks great on the surface but the need here is great as well. I'll write a blog post about it & link it up here.
If you have some kind of talent & have a love for people, I urge you to visit my school & conduct a talk or run a programme, do contact me & we'll talk about coming up with something meaningful & impact-ful together!

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