Jungle Pedalling Adventures

Close your eyes. Imagine the mist-velveted lush green rainforest in all it's glory. Imagine the air filling your lungs with its crisp, sweet & cool goodness. Imagine the golden glow of the sunrise illuminating the scenery before you as you rush downhill in a blur of speed. One small slip on your mountain bike & you'd fall & risk injuring yourself hours away from help with nothing but a cheap plastic helmet to protect your valuable noodles. But it's worth it. Working in the interiors of Sarawak does have it's moments. Esp if you've got a hot-blood for adventure & the persistence of a hamster on two wheels.

After working here for 6 years, I've finally decided to get a set of wheels for early morning rides to Song from my school.

Bought a bike in Kuching, had it packed nicely, carried it all the way to the jungle so that it will carry me in return.
I'm still considering whether I want to carry it all the way back to Kuching once I transfer.

The journey from school to town.
The first time I did it, I had a BRO.
The 2nd & 3rd time I did it, I went SOLO.
My bro puasa mah.
In case you're wondering how far it is & how long it takes.
From now on, if the weather is good, you'll find me cycling to Song from my school at 6.45am & arriving at around 8.30am on Sundays. Give me a honk when you see me on the road, will you?
I'll have a plate of something someone else cooked for me, get my groceries/goods & hitch a boat ride back to school.

Why do I hitch a boat ride back to school instead of cycling back?
It is because the journey back is way more punishing with the mid-day sun. The last time I did it, it took 2.5 hours to get to school. I was totally exhausted & had to spend the entire day recovering.

So, anybody want to join me on a jungle pedalling adventure?

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