Featured in The Borneo Post - 14 June 2014

an exact replica of the article in the Victorious magazine
When I received news about appearing in the newspaper again, I thought that this principal in Sibu was pulling my leg. I laughed off the early morning WhatsApp message in good humour. Soon, more messages came & then I was FB tagged in a picture of the article by a hot dentist friend.

Apparently, I have made a surprise appearance in The Borneo Post, an English daily distributed all over Sarawak. At that time, I was in KL for TFM's energising Connect_ED.

I didn't know about the article & my permission was not sought. I studied the picture of the article & found that it is an exact replica of an article written about me in Victorious, the alumni magazine of my alma mater, Victoria University of Wellington. I don't know whether to be alarmed or happy about this.
Even though I appreciate the recognition & being used as the face of New Zealand education in Sarawak, I should have at least been informed. I am going to seek an explanation.

Meanwhile, it's business as usual for me. I'm just the flavour of the week. Being featured in newspapers does not make me a better teacher nor any better than any other teacher.
I'm still trekking 10 minutes to the river to do my bathing/washing/cleaning just like any other jungle teacher.
I'm still paid peanuts to do what I do. Paid like teachers who do very little too. hmm...

Also, I'm trying very hard not to let all this publicity get to my head.
You have permission to slap me when my head gets so full of hot steam it floats through the air like an Angry Bird. Be gentle.

Maybe with this new found fame... will someone powerful who reads this please tell the ministry to send good principals & teachers to the interiors?
What's the point of having Guru Cemerlangs & Pengetua Cemerlangs in top schools? Put them some place where they can make a real difference instead of being Great Clerks or Powerful Clerks in schools who can run extremely well without them.
Teaching in the interiors is a privilege. NOT a punishment. You can quote me on that.

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