4th Birthday In The Jungle

As much as I'd like to complain about not being able to celebrate the new year or my BIRTHDAY with the people I love for the fourth consecutive year, I realise that I have a lot to be thankful for.
Perhaps I have reached the 'acceptance' stage of grief. I have certainly seen myself go through all of the stages since 3 years ago when I first saw the vision of the fall of my school & started my struggle against it.
Perhaps it's time I started looking at the things I have & giving thanks for them? I do have a lot to be thankful for & I will list them down here in no order of importance.

I am thankful for...

  • A good God who loves to give me surprises.
  • A wonderful family. A great dad who sets an excellent example for me. A mom who cares for me & makes sure that I have everything I need. Brothers & sisters whom I can be proud of & are willing to spend time with me.
  • The best friends in the world. The industrious Nesa in Penang: always a great sounding board & partner in crime. The bulldozing Shin in Kuching: setting a great example of determination & will overcoming all obstacles. The humble Lung in Kuching: showing me what a family man should be like. Bros: Guna, Chee Chee, Shawn, Syahir, Mien, Nas, Najib, Hilmi, Hadi, Star, Azhar, Hafiz, Sara, Nicky, Ning, Wei Chien, Shiok, Asrul, Ah Yang, Hansen, Rapik, Kenneth, Yazi. Chicks: Sarah, Agnes, JY, CY, Cat, Jamie, Nancy, Siti, Willie, Mau, Aimi, Fiffy, Fa, Nisa.
  • Great colleagues to work with. Project X: Flo, Lya, Tim, Zak, Ijai, Pjoe, Din, HS. Teachers: Wes, Lau, ZF, Nije, Min, Myris, Tang, Patrick, Orben, Ifeane, Sunita, Andrin, Balat, Richard. Staff: Kat, Victor, Junai, Norwasti, Ilau, Nisi, Dangkan, David (groundsman), Anding, Joe, Galleh, the kitchen ladies.
  • Great invaluable mentors: Dad, Clement, Markus, Arthur, Sariee, Evelyn, Thanga, Kay, Jon.
  • Students who are so easy to manage & malleable.
  • A career which fuels my soul.
  • A boss who allows me to do whatever I want to do.
  • Involvement in important panels within the ministry.
  • An informal leadership/influence within my industry.
  • Making a difference in a neglected community.
  • A healthy body. Good genes. Good looks.
  • Making more than I can spend. Having all my material needs met.
  • The ability to play football & futsal. Both of which I love to bits.
  • A bike & the ability to enjoy it.
  • Big dreams & the drive to realise them.
  • Finally, 154 people who wished me happy birthday! (You know who you are!)

Give this a go!
Listing down things to be thankful for is intensely therapeutic & humbling. Let's balance our chase of material dreams with a little dash of thankfulness.


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