I Was Cetak Rompak-ed

Check it out. Somebody totally cetak rompak-ed a few of my FB pictures & used it in his FB profile.
A friend of mine noticed this FB picture from the friend list of a friend of hers. This was an old picture of me back in 2008.
There's also my latest FB picture where I'm all wrapped up I could be Keanu Reaves.
Honestly, I don't feel offended at all. This is really flattering really. I've seen people who use pictures of celebrities/cartoon/professional photos of made-up girls but I had never in my wildest dreams imagined that someone would use MY photos. lol. They're not even that good!

The first photo was a photo of me pretending to pay attention to a lecture when I was actually sound asleep a few seconds before the photo was taken. lol.
The biker picture was taken by my mom before my maiden long distance voyage on my bike. Way to go, mom!

I would send him a message to thank him personally but, unfortunately, he has blocked me. So, FB being the shining beacon of privacy security, simply tells me that he does not exist.
Well, if you're reading this, Ting PS, whoever & wherever you are... Thanks. You made my day.

Update (29/4/2013): After several readers easily Googled the identity of the person who owns this FB profile, I decided to protect her identity (including deleting comments).
Ting PS, I apologise for not foreseeing this earlier. I took action as soon as I got back from Hari Kadet Polis this morning & a tiring weekend conducting the Prefect Leadership Camp.

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