Panduan Ringkas Pengurusan Peperiksaan STPM (A Concise Guide To Invigilating STPM)

STPM 2013 Semester 1 exams were over last week & now the STPM 2012 exams are coming up next week.
Basically, the new STPM students (with their first intake this year) will have 1 STPM exam every semester. Previously, under the old STPM (which will run for the last time this year) had students sit for 1 heavy exam at the end of 3 semesters.

As a Head Invigilator, I had to instruct my invigilators on what to do & what to say. All of this is really high stakes & protocol heavy as any slip up might end up in complaints or complications. Instead of just yapping & yapping away at my invigilators, I decided to come up with a guide & a step-by-step script of what to say.

I developed a guide by compiling key points taken from a Head Invigilator's meeting I attended in Miri recently, the 2 guide books I was given & my prior experiences invigilating PMR & SPM.

I piloted this during the STPM 2013 Semester 1 exams last week & improved on it. I will use it again for next week's STPM 2012 exams.
The guide is written in BM. I apologise if I made any errors. I would really appreciate it if you would inform me of any grammatical errors or factual inconsistencies.

Go ahead, download & print. Use this during your meeting with your invigilators & let them use it during the exams. They don't have to remember anything. All they need to say or remember is on this piece of paper which they can fold up & keep in their wallets!
Feel free to add to it or modify it as you wish.

I decided to share this guide over the internet to make it easier for other Head Invigilators. Do let me know if any of the information in the guide is confidential. I will have it removed immediately.
Otherwise, feel free to use it &, remember, sharing is caring! =)

You can find the guides here:

Head Invigilators for PMR, SPM & STPM (maybe even UPSR) may download & modify all of the above for your personal use.
Oh, and if you do, please share them with your friends! =)

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