2012 Merdeka Countdown Celebration @ SMK Katibas

When I was told I got the Malam Ambang Kemerdekaan assignment during the staff meeting early this year, I was apprehensive because I already had a packed year with an Asrama activity planned for every month.
Why wasn't something like this given to another less burdened department or individual? Why was I named personally for this task when they knew that I'd be busy with my own activities as Chief Warden?
It's even stranger that Bulan Kemerdekaan was under the Humanities Department. Why was this small event under Bulan Kemerdekaan specially given to me? Interesting.

Anyway, I gave my admin the benefit of the doubt. They probably had good reasons for this & I accepted the assignment without a word. It was something new & I simply included it into my list of Asrama activities. Also, I had a trick up my sleeve to make this event a memorable one.
Don't worry. I didn't do Oppa Gangnam Style. Although, I'd rock it. I did something even better & more awesome.

As per usual, my focus was on an event from the students for the students. I got my key students into the AJK & they had to lead other students into preparing for the event. This time around, they did a better job than they did for Malam Kerlipan Bintang. I wanted a simple event focused on the students. Let them self-study first & then start the event at 10pm.
But I received request from teachers to make it a barbecue/jamuan starting at 7pm. But what will the students do for the 5 hours from 7pm until 12am? That was up to me. WTH. Sorry, I'm doing this for the students, not for teachers.
Teachers should come out of a desire to spend time with students. NOT for a jamuan. I'd rather not have those kind of teachers but rather teachers who genuinely care like those who did attend anyway. Kudos to them. You know who you are!

The event started with a patriotic songs karaoke.
Including favourites such as Wawasan 2020, Jalur Gemilang, Tanggal 31 & Keranamu as well as lesser known ones like Perajurit Tanah Air, Muhhibah, Malaysia Baru & Berjaya.
There was an entertaining Police vs Communists sketch by the Police Cadets.
There was a patriotic poems recital also by the Police Cadets.
A big thanks to Cikgu Hayazi for supervising the Police Cadet performances.
I gave a talk to the students about the importance of knowing your own country
& learning from good examples to uplift themselves & their people out of poverty.
Also, I rock in a Baju Melayu!
Students & teachers prepared lanterns where they wrote their prayers/wishes for the country.
A speech by the principal followed by a countdown to 12am & a declaration of Merdeka 7 times.
The grand finale: Lanterns filled the night sky!
The students really enjoyed themselves & loved to watch the lanterns magically float away. They'd just stand there, sigh, point their fingers & stare up into the sky. It was truly a sight to behold.
I bought those lanterns in bulk during CNY & the investment paid off handsomely.
There you have it! The 2012 Merdeka Countdown Celebration at SMK Katibas which is part of an even bigger Bulan Kemerdekaan programme by an awesome & responsible Cikgu Lya.
So, what did you do at your school?

Check out more pictures on my FB page.


  1. *gasp!* so many students! and awwh! it looks like they really had fun! =) Definitely very different from the merdeka celebrations i had during highschool. haha. They prolly did it every year because it was like a yearly routine.. very cincai. lol.. kudos to u!

    1. hahaha~~ Indeed it was fun!
      Lighting flying lanterns were definitely a first & it was magical!

    2. pretty sure it was magical! like the floating lanterns in "Tangled".. just, not as many. =P haha..

  2. Bravo! Bravo! Another successful event!!! Congrats!!!

    Well, as it says in the Bible: "Those who have, more will be given to him. Those who don't, even the little that they have will be taken away." It's the same in the teaching line - the donkeys and the camels will be given more and more...while the other denizens laze around waiting for their big fat checks at the end of the month.

    It's ok - take pride and pleasure in a job well done - that's where much/most of the on-the-job satisfaction and reward come from.

    1. I think the bible talks about talents as blessings not a curse like what is happening in most schools. All this has to be weighed & evened out by the head. That is what a leader is for. If a person is unfit or unable to lead, he should step down gracefully or be discharged honourably.

      I take pride & pleasure at my job but I take displeasure in injustice & the more I work the more authority & credibility I have in naming demons & casting them out in the name of truth & justice!

  3. Finally got to read your post.. Such a perfect ending to remember the event! :) I really like how on the lantern was written their prayers and hope for the country. Children needs to be taught such values and "love for the country" is one value that is very often taken granted for. (Justice and fairness too..)

    The answer to the country's future lies in the youth today and what we teach them....

    "Are we doing justice to that responsibility that is given to us?" Definitely one question that we need to ask ourselves constantly...

    Kudos on a lovely celebration with the kids :) Congratulations!

    1. Yup. This was exactly what I said during my talk. It was not a feel good message but a straight talk no bullshit reminder.

  4. u are right that cloth looks well on you ...and your school activities really look fun :)

    1. Indeed! It was fun! Meant to be fun. =)

  5. I love the idea of writing prayers and wishes on lanterns and then, letting them fly up, up and away into the dark night sky. And the elaborate Merdeka day celebrations - Oh..la..la. Yunno, sometimes it is so easy to be caught up with political cynicism and melodrama that we forget the appreciate what it is like to be free, what it is like to be proud of our history and the sacrifices that our forefathers made so that we enjoy the kind of life that they'd never dare dream of.

    1. Indeed. Such a significant milestone of the year rightfully should be celebrated with great fervency.
      Why not do it big for the students to enjoy?

  6. Looking good in the baju melayu! Hahaha I love seeing students take part actively in school activities like those :D I still find it weird why students in rural areas are so much more willing to be involved in school activities and (most) bandar students totally hate being involved...

    1. My students live in the hostels so they are a captive audience.
      If I were in an urban school, I would have to do a lot of marketing to promote my events. Actually, I can't wait to start!

  7. It took me so long to come by here again this time..i am so sorry bro..!
    Been so busy..i updated my blog once in a while now because of the hectic semester..

    This is another great and successful event you've managed to nail. Congratulation.
    As much as I love ur teaching spirit, im really going to follow ur footstep when i embark in the teaching field sooner!

    1. Hey don't have to apologise for not visiting la, aiyo... It's not like you owe me or something, right?
      Anyway, I'm looking forward to reading about your innovations in teaching & learning from you too. =)


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