Majlis Anugerah Perkhidmatan Cemerlang Kapit 2012

Pengarah Pelajaran Sarawak, Pegawai Pelajaran Kapit & Top Slave.
Today, I officially received my Anugerah Perkhidmatan Cemerlang award certificate. It was presented to me by the Pengarah Pelajaran Sarawak @ the head teacher of the state on behalf of the ministry for years of excellent service in the interiors.
I was very surprised the pengarah/director came all the way to Kapit in the flesh to present the awards. Previous Pengarahs never really bothered. They usually sent representatives. For this, I commend him & I appreciate the effort he took to come all the way. I hope that he will be able to steer our state to greater heights.

What is APC?
"penghargaan kerajaan kepada Anggota Perkhidmatan Awam yang telah memberi perkhidmatan yang cemerlang. Perkhidmatan cemerlang adalah perkhidmatan yang diberikan oleh seseorang APA yang mutu atau penghasilannya melebihi daripada keperluan tanggungjawab biasa bagi jawatannya."
- Garis Pandian Pemilihan Penerima APC

SMK Katibas Laureates with Principal
This award is dedicated to my awesome team in school who helped me do so much in such a short time.You deserve a part of this.
I'll get you guys a simple gift from my RM1k reward. You deserve my appreciation & more. Let's build on this & reach greater heights together. Thank you for accepting my leadership. I will try to lead you in the right direction as long as you will have me.
The leeches who did not help me but want a piece of my pie can kiss my ash. Even if I give you a piece of my pie, you wouldn't help me anyway so go & earn your own award.

I am not boasting when I say that I deserve this award. It vindicates the struggles & sacrifices I have made as well as the recognition & accreditation I've attained for the school.
This marks the dawn of a new era.
After much reflection & self-searching, I have decided on a new direction in my career & I will pursue it as far as I can go.
I will share my plans here in due time. Will give it time to settle & mature first.


  1. Congrats! So when am I getting that special dinner treat?

    1. Why tomorrow of course! hahaha~~
      Will take Clement out on Sat.

    2. Hmmm...we have to take turns, eh? Muahahahahaha!!!!

  2. I was there yesterday! But I didn't see you. Anyway, congratulations! ;)

    1. I saw you... Many times but I did not come over to say hi. haha~~
      I did speak to your housemate, Mandivi.

    2. Oh? In the hall? I was behind the stage most of the time. I want my students to standby before the performance. I believe you were busy too. Ha! Congrats again! Keep up your good work! Students need you~~! ;)

      ps: she is Maannvili, not Mandivi. :P

    3. I saw you during tea time. I saw Maannvili backstage when I was looking for the lavatory.
      Thanks, LiPing!

  3. Anonymous21/6/12 12:50


  4. congratulations bro :) u deserve it

    1. Thanks, dude!
      Got something to talk to you about.

  5. assassin`21/6/12 21:12

    awesome. congrats. =) be all you can be.

  6. Congrats Jarod! yeah, u deserve that award =) Sometimes (at certain school), APC was given according to seniority, not based on their hard work or effort. *shrug*

    1. Most of the time it is because some senior teachers are so mediocre they depend on this award. People like us can aim higher. Besides, there are plenty of awards out there for teachers & the criteria may not be as high as we think.

  7. fuyoooo...congrats bro. m dreaming to have one as well.

  8. Congrats Ah Kam! So well deserved =) !

  9. Congats!!

    teachers in my school were talking about this last 2 days when I asked 'how do we measure people for this award?'.

    one of the senior teacher answered dismissively:' yang penting cikgu baru macam awak takkan dapat la. tunggu la dalam 15 tahun lagi ke. bagi la peluang kitorang dapat dulu.'

    i was like............. !@$#&#&!(#^&!(

    then I simply said, 'oh. ok.'


    1. For people with half a brain like these, just agree with what they say & remember to take any future comments with a pinch of salt, you have your own principles & you should stick with them.

      Ultimately, the principal decides. Let him do it. I was really outstanding in my school so if I did not get it, people will ask questions.
      One should put oneself in such a strategic position. Remember outstanding doesn't mean slugging at donkey work. It does mean discipline, passion & strategy.

      Anyway, we're not doing what we're doing for awards or recognition. We're doing what we're doing because we know it's good & we want to achieve something.
      Dont be discouraged. You have great potential. Never forget that.


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