Featured in The Star - 3 June 2012

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The final article is out in the Education pullout (pg 3) of the Sunday Star. You can also read the online version here.

I was hoping to read more about what I have done in the school to back up the 'Creative Teaching' article published last Wednesday. However, today's article did not detail much about what I did in my school for English. I guess there is only so much you can write within the constraints of a word limit.
Well, that's what my blog is for, eh? Check out my archives if you're interested in what I have done in my school.

I am nobody special. I am just a normal teacher doing my job the best I can with what I am given. My philosophy is everything happens for a reason & when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Simple common sense.

My hope is that the articles about me will motivate all the teachers struggling within the system & inspire them to continue the battle.
Teachers who work hard usually get the short end of the stick. Because they can work, they get even more work heaped upon them &, when their hard work is appreciated, they are scorned by envious teachers who want a piece of the cake but none of the work.
That is why year after year I hear of talented teachers like myself who leave the system. They are truly talented so they do end up in greener pastures with private organisations or foreign countries.

I myself would most probably have left for Singapore at the end of this year if not for a strong calling from my God to stay.
I will stay in my country & I will make a difference for my people. I am ethnically Chinese but my people are the Malaysian people; be them Iban, Indian, Malay or whatever. If you're in my class, you are my people. I will give you my best.

After Wednesday's article, many people would praise me or say good things about me even though they know NOTHING about me or what I have done in my school!
These same people would probably condemn me & call for my head when a negative article comes out about me!
There have been too many cases where the media misrepresents teachers & every time, EVERY TIME, the public would lash out against these imperfect humans who were probably trying to do their job the best way they could.
I say this because it is true. Think about it.

Teachers need support. Not only on Teacher's Day. But every single day.
You want the best from your teacher, you have to give. Those who give, receive. It's logic. It's Karma. It's the way the world works.
I have no respect for parents who think that they can push teachers around. If THAT is what you sow, THAT is what you will reap one way or another.
The best thing you can give a teacher is NOT money. It's faith.
Tell them you believe in them & maybe, with enough parents doing that, they will start believing in themselves too.


  1. assassin'3/6/12 16:06

    Vy well written.. am sure ur blog n ur writings r inspirational 2 many readers out there. Well done. N keep believing in ur kids.

  2. amazing work jik kam! :) love reading teaching testimonies and it is a struggle with the system abroad as well. keep up the amazing job you are blessed to do! :)

    1. Thanks, CT.
      I bet you're doing great there too!

  3. Heya SuperStar. :) Proud of u!

  4. You are somebody special, don't ever say you're not. Teachers are a dime a dozen but you're a rare gem, very hard to find. Stay just the way you are, a true teacher indeed - selfless, truly dedicated and always with the interests of your students at heart.

    1. I'll try to duplicate my spirit in receptive younger teachers I meet.

  5. Anonymous9/6/12 01:28

    When i first met you, I didn't know what to make off you...but having heard about what you have written and after some sleuthing, I managed to come across your blog and read for myself what the hoo-ha was about...I'm impressed...and envious even...but then it struck me...I was there before...once...and for the longest time...I lost myself...I was like you, eager, passionate and had my fair share of stardom when I too was featured in the newspaper like how you were...but alas, I let myself be consumed by anger, frustration, greed and envy, drawn into the senseless politics that I vowed to stay out off...I don't know if I will ever find myself again...but I was glad that that you reminded me, of what I once had...what I once was... I sincerely hope that you don't lose yourself...keep it up, god knows we need more people like you out there...

    1. Everything happens for a reason.
      I have gone through an extended point in my career when I was burnt & emotionally drained. I spent those dark moments reflecting & considering my situation.
      Then, out of the blue, I was showered with a lot of support & encouragement. Then, I realised that many eyes were looking towards me for hope & inspiration too. I take it as a sign from God that I should continue. He has more for me to do.

      Thank you, anonymous, for sharing your story. I'm sure you're visit down memory lane was not pleasant.
      I shall learn from you & hope to build on what I have now with your advice.

      Honestly speaking, I refuse to believe that you will not find yourself again. You will.
      I am in no place to give you advice but I hope that you will look at all the good work that you have done all this time & appreciate yourself.
      If nobody else appreciates you, you should appreciate yourself even more because I'm pretty sure someone like you has done A LOT of good work. God bless!

    2. Anonymous9/6/12 22:27

      You met so many people in the past few days at the conference, I don't think you know who I am. But regardless, thank you for the vote of confidence. I guess we all need to be reminded the reason why we became teachers in the first place...I didn't have a choice...it was my calling...I have alot all the best to you and maybe we shall cross path again in future...

    3. Anonymous9/6/12 22:29

      *I have alot to reflect on my career for now...

    4. I met so many wonderful people at the conference that really refreshed my spirit. I bet you were one of them.
      I'm glad that you feel that teaching is your calling. I disagree that you did not have a choice. I'm sure with your expertise, you could have done plenty of other things. But a long time ago, you chose to follow your calling & it has made all the difference.
      Whatever you choose to do after your reflection, as long as it is from your heart, you can never go wrong.

  6. You do look good in the picture. Good impression on teachers! Don't like to hear only the negative aspect on teachers. I bet those children will remember you even when they are adults. You're an inspiration and you are someone who touched their life.

    1. Thanks, Ainee! I hope so too. I don't care if they do not remember me.
      My hope is that they will remember the good values & principles I've been drilling into their skulls for so many years! hahaha~~

  7. Wow, wow, wow, just managed to come here today and you have become some sort of a celebrity :) But I'm sure this is not what you are about. Press on doing what you are doing, and doing it so well. Many lives are being impacted by your 'sacrifice' and at the end of the day I think what matter the most is - not the fame, money, recognition or praises - but the fact that you have impacted young lives in the most meaningful way.

    1. Exactly! You've hit the nail on the head with that one.
      That's why I constantly remind myself that I am a nobody but I do appreciate the confidence boost. It gives me credibility when I lecture my kids about life.

      p/s: I'm no celebrity. Many Malaysians do not read. Not even a newspaper. Esp an ENGLISH newspaper. Sad fact.

  8. so awesome!! thumbs up for you! :)


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