My Photo Migration Is Complete!

Previously I wrote about how imageshack tried to extort me with my pictures here.
I've been using their services for 6 years & their sudden change of policy will not force me to pay.
What a betrayal! I'll have none of that. Loyalty is a very big thing to me.

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Therefore, I decided to hang the frog & move all my photos away from imageshack to Picasa Web Albums.
I spent 4 days working on this. I had to move all the pictures on my blog from this post in 2006 until my previous post about the hot nurse in 2012.
That's roughly 970 pictures that I used to host on imageshack.

Along the way, I read what I wrote in the past.
I relived many wonderful memories & remembered past lovers.
An old wound has reopened & made worse when my best friend got engaged a few days ago.
I'm happy for him but sad for myself. sigh~~~

After this, I'm going to delete all my photos on imageshack & never return again.
I don't make money from my blog so I'd like to keep my overheads low.

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Long Live FREEWARE!!!

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