Finally, A Break!

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After making a strenuous and extremely lengthy journey home, I arrived at Kuching International Airport at 7.30pm last night. (I departed my school at 10am. Imagine that!)
It sure does feel good to be home.
It's great to be in a familiar place & have all sorts of options available.
It feels great to be no longer bound by geography, no cell reception & no Internet.
It also feels good to be able to sleep up until 9am every morning.
I haven't dipped myself in modern civilisation for 3 weeks & now that I'm back in a city, I feel like I'm back in my element. What's more, I'm back in my city. My home.
I've been waiting for today for a long long time.

Last night, I joined a futsal game at 9pm.
Then, I had a few drinks with some of the best buddies I have in town.
Nothing like a good team game of sweat, effort & spirit to create a genuine bond between men.

Today, I had a cup of my favourite coffee. A bing! Coffee latte (made from Illy arabica beans).
This 100% KUCHING outlet has trained it's baristas to do exactly what major hotel cafes & especially a particular major American coffee company have failed to do. I.e. serve a flavourful wholesome skilfully frothed latte.
Oh, it felt so good going down. It was warm, milky & smooth.
If you have discerning taste, you'll love the coffee from bing!.
You absolutely cannot find better coffee anywhere in Malaysia. Believe me, I've tried for many years.

There I met up with another one of my best buddies in the whole world.
We had a chat, reminisced & exchanged a whole lot of nonsense.
Relationships like these are the main reason I look forward to returning home.

Tomorrow, I'm headed to Penang to meet up with more of my bestest buddies in the whole world.
My best friend is finally getting engaged to the love of his life.
Dude, this engagement was waaaaaaaaaay overdue.
Now that your balls are going to be cut off, I wish you a blissful rush to complete the wedding in May.
Of which I will be going out of my way to attend. I.e. escaping from jungle tribes on boats over vast rivers, flying over a sea & a whole peninsula & paying through my nose for the journey.
There better be hot chicks at the reception.

Like I said. I've waited a long time for this holiday.
I've worked hard for the past 2 months & I bet you 50 bucks I'll be working hard for the next 10 months of the year as well.
Meanwhile though, I've got my buddies to keep things sweet.

I deserve my holidays & so do many of you in the service.
Make the best of this break.
Here's to us all.

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