She’s Gone

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If only women were as simple as cellphones.
Once upon a time, I kept changing them because I could not find one that fit me well.
It was always interesting at first but once I really got to know them, I found out that they could not satisfy my needs. So I left them.
We are individuals. Everyone knows that it’s hard to find one that fits you well.
You may look at one and think. She looks great. But when you get involved, you find that she’s not that great after all.

After 22 years of searching, I finally found one that really fits me well.
When you do find one like that, you spend all of your time, energy & money to make sure that she’s yours.
In the end, when you finally hold her in your arms, it’s the greatest feeling ever.
It’s an ever greater feeling when you find that she’s exactly what you need & you never want to let her go.

Of course, there will always be younger ones, more popular ones, or more superior types.
But I have never looked at them with any interest because the one I had was all I ever wanted.
True, we had our ups and downs. Moments when we broke each other’s hearts.
But the many years we’ve spent together made her so much greater than the newest slimmest ones.

Woe to all of us who hath found true love
Because all good things must come to an end.
This is a tribute to the one who entered my life 5 years ago & left me just as abruptly.
It was involuntary. It was painful. It was her death.

It hurts as I remember the moments we’ve had.
The mistakes I made with her.
The distant lands we roamed together.
Finding another like her would probably take another 22 years…

RIP, my Sony Erickson W950i.
You will be forever remembered.

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