Off To A Great Start!

I'm out in Sibu this weekend after a fortnight at school without any internet.
Firstly, I'd like to thank all my Birthday well-wishers. All 115 of them. (100 Facebook wall posts, 8 Facebook messages, 4 Blogger comments, 1 email & 2 tweets.)
I know you love me even though you only think of me for 30 seconds in a year on my birthday. Knowing that you took the effort to click on my name & type out a simple message really warms my heart. Really. Thanks.
Besides 115 x 30 seconds = 58 minutes!
That's a lot of time to be thinking about little ol' me! hehehe~~~

Together with me in Sibu are 4 students. If you've been following my blog for a year, you'll have read this post made last year.
I rewarding some of my students by taking them on a weekend trip with me to Sibu.
Will write a dedicated blog post about this later.

How is life at school?
So far so good. The first 2 weeks have been good & it's mainly due to how cooperative the students have been at school.
I was right about the F5 students, they were willing to work with me as long as I had an open dialogue with them.
Even though we face a water outage at school due to the pump being out of service, students have been cooperative & we willing to bathe in rain water or in the river.

This year I'm doing more team building activities to help students identify & get emotionally bonded with the hostels. This includes choosing a colour, mascot & motto for their respective hostel blocks.
A logo will be produced for them as well as T-shirts based on their selection.
The decorations for each room & each block will also vary according to their selected colours.
This will be quite interesting &, of course, I will share this journey here for everyone's benefit.

taken from
It has been a great start to the year, I foresee a year where I play psychological games & move behind-the-scenes chess pieces more than ever. I will also be working on my soft approach as well as my push & pull approaches for my future more urban school.
I will not be doing the magazine, I will not lead the English panel nor will I lead the English Language Society this year. I want to focus on the Hostels because it is something way larger & requires even more of my commitment & attention.
 No Internet. No water. No cell reception. But still going strong.
Now, how can I get paid more for all my contributions. hmmm~~~

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