What It's Like To Teach In The Interiors

So You Want To Be A Teacher - Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
If you've always wondered what it's like to teach in the interiors do check out a 3 part article I wrote for loyarburok.com
I've always wanted to write about my experiences & take photographs depicting every advantage or disadvantage but I never really got down to do it.
When an acquaintance hooked me up with one of the curators of loyarburok in Sibu & he gave me an assignment to share about teaching in the interiors, I thought that it was a brilliant idea.

At several points I wanted to delay the article because I was preoccupied with school work. More particularly Ketua Waden work. But the curator motivated me & inspired me to get it done.
So I spent 2 weeks reflecting on the article, listing down what to share, wrote it down & took the photographs.
I got teachers & students from my school to appear in the photographs so if I photographed you within the past 2 weeks, you're probably in one of the parts!

Do check my article out & leave a comment!


  1. hi there. my name's nurul and i was first introduced to your blog by victeslers (hope the name still rings a bell) about a yr ago. i've stopped reading for quite a while but somehow today, a friend put up the link on my fb wall, and here i am, again! =>

    i'm in my 2nd yr at Vic Uni, another 2 yrs to go...sigh sigh (i'm a MARA TESOL scholar), grew up in Kuching, and was born in... KAPIT, SARAWAK!!! (haha..lame attempt of establishing rapport with you..tsk tsk).

    just want to say that i'm very impressed with your commitment as a teacher, especially given the circumstances you're in...i practically live all my life in Kuching and am grateful for the easy & modern lifestyle that we have there. i go back to Kapit every year still to visit family & friends, but the thought of actually living there and teach, does freak me out a lil bit...and i'm talking about the town Kapit itself here, where life, i reckon, is far more easier and comfy than where you're teaching in now! whoa, this actually got me thinking; if i were u, would i be ok? would i survive? =<

    anyways, all the best in your future undertakings and keep up the good work. nice blog too!

    and... in the true spirit of your alma mater; GET AMONGST THE BEST! =>

  2. Always good to hear from innocent young ladies susceptible to my brainwashing. haha~~
    Make the best of your time in Vic. Those were the best years of my life & it changed me.
    Oh, & send my regards to Melissa Wee. Tell her to take it easy & enjoy the final moments!

    About being able to cope with unfavourable postings...
    ANYBODY CAN. Sometimes the best things that could happen to us are the worst things at first.
    The only question is how far you are willing to go & how much of yourself you are willing to give.
    I choose to give my all. Full stop.

    Believe me I face a lot of obstacles. A LOT!
    Disappointments? TOO MANY!
    But I'm determined to overcome every single one of them & leave them behind me in piles of ashes.

    I have attitude, I have fire & I'm here to kick ass.
    But you may have your own style. Do what's pure & be open. =)

  3. Reading your articles in loyarburok now, can't wait to tell you how much I enjoy reading them...great writing!! Love the place where you jog, so serene and tranquil....bet you are going to hear from lots of chicks now ;)

  4. Jarod Yong is single and available but he makes very little money and he lives in the jungle. Any takers? Chicks only, mind you.<---so typical of you jarod!

    btw, great article.

    i wish i'm as driven as you. my enthusiasm is running low this year. 2 years of teaching and i'm already burn-out?? aiyo...

  5. Teachers' Day is May 16. This will be a day to remember all our teachers who taught us before and to those who are teachers, it's time to rejuvenate ourselves and think of how fortunate we are to have the opportunity to reach out to the young minds and to build their characters.

  6. Anny: What chicks? No chicks are interested in me.

    Syada: My enthusiasm is low as well but that's the lowest point that every person falls down to before they achieve breakthrough. Persevere & believe.

    Peter: Sometimes I think that we are less fortunate because many of us do it in exchange for money.

  7. too bad I am too old to apply, I love working in the interior of my beloved Country...

    big sacrifice I must say and one must look at those small achievements to stay committed, well done mate.

  8. It's good to have a servant heart like yours. You dont have to teach in the interiors & it's not advisable at old age.
    However, you can still do your part where you are. I hear Cancer wards have young children who cannot go to school & they need volunteer teachers.
    Perhaps you can find something similar to commit yourself to.


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