All Inclusive 1D1N In Sibu FREE!!!

Only if you're my student...
And you got an A for your English PMR Paper.

I'm a firm believer of rewards in teaching. I am also very fair.
If you do well, I will reward you well.
If you do extremely well, I will reward you extremely well.
If you do badly, I will reward you... accordingly.

I've got a whole arsenal of rewards. They include candy, stationary, praises, attention, affection, pinches, slaps, knocks, whacks, "candy-canes", "hair-driers", "loud-speakers" et cetera.
My ultimate of ultimate rewards last year was my promise to my PMR classes that anyone who got an A for their English Paper would be rewarded with a trip to Sibu.

You must be thinking: Is it so hard to get A for English?
This is a valid question. It is totally NOT hard to get an A for English.
A decade ago, I myself got an A without even studying. Every year, tens of thousands of Malaysians get it too.
As for SMK Katibas, there was only 1 prior to last year... EVER.

You must also be thinking: What's so great about Sibu?
Sibu is the closest city to my school. You have to take 2 boats to get to Sibu & a return trip costs around RM50 & 3+ hours.
True enough, Sibu is a pimple compared to Kuching or KL or even a trip to the beach.
But see through the eyes of a people who have lived in the jungle most of their lives & you'll understand that a trip to Sibu is somewhat of a big deal.
Also if you haven't had much in terms of material things, an all expense paid trip is a wet dream in itself.

I was pretty swamped with work this year & hardly had time to escape to Sibu myself.
My students saw this & were so kind to tell me that it was okay; but a promise is a promise &, last Saturday, I made true to my promise.
I invited my 4 A students to Sibu. One couldn't make it so that means more for everybody else!

During the day, I showed them around. We walked all over Sibu & took lots of pictures.
For breakfast, I took them to my favourite Roti place in Sibu. Exposed them to different types of roti & also tosai.
For lunch, I took them to McD. To see their faces light up at the mention of McD was priceless!
For dinner, I took them to Manna. They were so cute. They fumbled with the menu.
After dinner, we went for a movie, "Fast Five". It was AWESOME! What a great way to end our day!

By doing this, I hope to encourage them to build on their success & excel in SPM.
At the same time, I'm showing them how great it is to have a job with a good salary which cannot be obtained without an education.
When the other students hear about this trip, any future PMR students will be extra motivated.

I also hoped to build excellent character in the 3 students.
During the day, I shared life-stories of success as well as failure & asked them deep questions about life. I also invited other people to join us for meals for a different point of view.
We talked about social issues according to their demographic like teen pregnancy, vice, infidelity, small-mindedness et cetera.

My students are the future of the Katibas region.
It is run down, neglected, defeated & in need of one of their own to pick them up & lead them into the future.
I'm doing my little bit to nudge their children onto a good path & I pray earnestly that they will make a difference instead of conforming & joining the sad state their people are in.
Please, pray for Sarawak & it's people.

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