People Can Surprise You After All

This week, I want to share about a decision someone made that has both surprised me & inspired me.
In every school, there is at least one teacher who is a master magician who can unbelievably disappear into thin air!
Someone who would avoid doing anything & would even struggle with the most basic tasks.

I hope you’re not one of them.
If you are, hope is not lost.
You can learn from this particular teacher in my school.

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This teacher is notorious for being lazy & lately for being anti-establishment.
He would be late for lessons, teach half-heartedly & produce faulty exam papers that are distributed unvetted because he is both the Department Head & Panel Head. What meritocracy? This is seniority at its best!
He rarely turns up for extra activities, would come late & leave early.
He is in a position of influence & would often strut it but he rarely shows the aptitude or attitude of someone deserving it.

Recently, I had an honest man to man chat with him over a few beers, hard liquor & cigarettes.
He shared his grievances with me & blamed his impotence on being let down by his superiors.
His reasons were understandable & would have consumed any emotional man.

This time however, he has decided to put a stop to wallowing in self-pity & bitterness.
He promised me that he would give his best next year NO MATTER WHAT.
I was impressed. I was touched. I was almost brought to tears. Or was it the tuak?
Right there & then, I witnessed a rare moment in a man’s life when he has decided to rise above his overwhelming circumstances.

His career was riddled with incompetence & inconsistency.
It was inspiring to see him decide that enough was enough & plan to show what he is truly capable of.
If he follows through, I have no doubt that he will shine.

I promised him that I would support him all the way.
I promised him that I would acknowledge his good works.
I told him that it was not too late to do his best.
I told him that he was like a butterfly.
The many years wasted in resentment was his cocoon stage.
Now, it’s time for a beautiful butterfly to emerge.

It’s experiences like these that keep you going.
I praise God that I was able to witness such a miracle.
Men were designed to be miracle makers.
People can surprise you after all.
Don’t you wish you taught in a school like mine?

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