The Katibas Global

adapted from the New York Times logo

The English Language Society has several teams working on different year-long projects.
One of them is the Newspaper team or, as named by the founding students, The Katibas Global team.

I have always believed that no school is complete without a newspaper by the students reporting on the students for the students.
This year, we have an outstanding bunch of high proficiency Form 1 students.
It is unsurprising that many of them were drafted into the English Language Society.
They have a rare gift considering the school's interior locality.
I was clearly delighted when they raised their hands to volunteer for the Newspaper team.

Every month they meet to come up with a new edition of The Katibas Global & report on the previous month's events.
Through the newspaper, I want to give them an opportunity to use their language skills in an authentic situation as well as expose them to computer word processing.
They also learn to conquer their fears & swallow their pride when I force them to interview teachers & students on their own.
They're so adorable.

So far they have come up with 2 editions. The April edition & The May edition.
I am very proud of them & I can see this newspaper going very far.
I strongly encourage you to start a newspaper team in your English Language Society.
Design a simple logo, a basic newspaper template & get students to write about events involving the school.
Don't forget to include relevant pictures & student written articles on current events!

The April Edition (select 'view image' to read)
The May Edition (select 'view image' to read)


  1. Anonymous21/5/10 13:48

    Thumbs up! Impressive. Photos in colour some more? Wow!!!

  2. Well done Mr Yong! =) The bulletin is concise, well-written and has a certain professional look to it. Im sure your kids are proud of these first two issues.

    With the stuff that we do for our school babe, imagine how ossum it would be to be teaching in the same school and be on the same team. We could move mountains!!! Lol.

    Once again, congratulations =) !!!

  3. Arthur: Of coz in colour! hahaha~~

    Sawi: Yeah... Imagine a whole school of us! Now that'll be life-changing!


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