The High Speed Boat Chase

In the last 2 days, I spent 16 hrs on 6 different boats.
I had to travel to a school more ulu than mine for the inter-school Public Speaking competition.
It was an amazing experience.

The principal & the teachers of the school were very hospitable & warm.
I was the chief adjudicator & 1 of 2 participants from my school got 3rd place.
Honestly, I think that they could have done better.
Every participant has a long way to go to be a good speaker.

Anyway, that's not the story I'd like the share.
Here's an amusing story one of the teachers shared with me about his exciting life as a teacher at the school.

A few years ago, there was a Form 1 kid who didn't want to go to school.
After a while, his father had to bring him to school & beg the principal to take him back.
The boy stayed on his father's boat because he didn't want to meet the principal.
When the principal finally agreed to accept the boy, they went to his boat with a few of the teachers.

When the boy saw the principal, his father & some teachers coming his way, he panicked, started his father's boat & sped away leaving his father dumbstruck on the jetty.
The teachers, however, were quick-witted & promptly got the security guard to start his boat & give chase.
They had a good 30 minute high-speed boat chase on a rapid river while dodging floating debris, waves & stones.
Imagine two boats side by side & knocking into each other.
One with teachers trying to grab hold of the other boat while the other trying to manoeuvre away from them.
It must have been quite an exhilarating chase.

Unfortunately for the boy, the guard's boat had a bigger engine so he was soon forced to a river bed.
He was relentlessly stubborn & still refused to return to school so one of the teachers got on his boat while the others returned home on the guard's boat.
A teacher, a boy & a boat.

The teacher asked the boy to bring him back to school because there was no other way for him to return.
The boy thought about it, consented & drove back to school.
On the way, the teacher got to know the student better & tried to reason with him.
The boy agreed to come back to school.

After a few weeks of school, the boy disappeared & was never seen again.

Who said teaching was boring?


  1. Is that a true story? Cause it could have been the opening scene of Bangkok Dangerous.

    The boy might have been a wandering spirit.

  2. Congratulations! My kids will be competing this tuesday and i'll be the judge as well.*nervous*

    the teacher must be a very great teacher!This story actually reminds me of a hongkong tv series on cops whose job is consulting those who want to commit suicide~ this is a proof that teaching job comes with a package, you have to be psychologist, counsellor, security guard etc haha. I couldnt hold back my tears upon seeing my female colleague who took the risks getting out of the jungle to send the boys for jumaat prayer. Wish cud help, but don't have driving license. whatever it is, this is a job that we love!

  3. jarod!! a very typical teacher-student photo! hehe and the boy on your right looks like a mini you :)

  4. Anonymous3/5/10 07:30

    A school more ulu than yours? Belaga? Well, at least, it's in a town...small though it may be.

  5. a great story!! (wish the boy hadn't disappeared in the end though...)

  6. aiyah~dissappear again. why? trauma kena marah tak bawak buku ke? Interesting story. Should be documented into video.

  7. Vio: hahahhaa~~ Maybe a new film... Kapit Dangerous. hahaha~~

    Far: Yup! I learned a lot from this story too!
    I also got to ride on the river they raced on. A dangerous one indeed.

    Tasha: I happen to think I'm better looking. hahaha~~

    Arthur: Something like Belaga... Balleh. No town. Just an isolated school 2.5hrs from Kapit.

    Rosyada: Happy endings don't happen to everybody!
    We actually saw that boy in a store nearby drinking alcohol with friends.
    Scruffy looking & probably wont amount to anything in the future.

    Aini: Just dont want to study kot.
    More fun outside with all the fishing & drinking & smoking.

  8. an inspiring tale .. i mean the teacher not the kid

  9. Alas, we urban teachers hardly get a taste of auch adrenaline laced adventures haha


  10. Beng: Yup, I learned something there.

    Trish: It wasn't me.

    Mama: Too bad... Every day is an adventure here!

  11. Hahahaha..awesome story!


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