Will Pay For New Blog Design

This blog is more than 3 years old & as long as I can remember it's been the same ol' cool simple unpretentious black template you see right now.
I believe it's time for a change.

Any graphics design or website design students or just about anyone with the creative know-how want to make a buck & have your name etched at the bottom of the blog of a talented writer?
I'm not a cheap person. Nor am I easily satisfied.
If you do a good job, I'm willing to reimburse you accordingly.

Leave a comment here with your contact details & a link to samples of something you've created or just a brief description of your style.


  1. i've always liked this template ur using...it's simple and easy to read =)...but maybe coz im so used to this layout so a change is perhaps good.

    all the best in finding the best blog layout/ design! =)

  2. Are you fed up already with many free blogspot template online? However I also like to change my blog theme. Just take a rest for awhile on your blog :-) .

  3. have you known about the Blogger Template Designer? It's a new feature by Blogger making it easier to edit templates.. check it out! =)

  4. Anonymous20/3/10 07:38

    Not bothered about templates! I think it's the content that is more important...plus regular updates. People give up after logging in all the time to see the same old post - not bothered to come again! Some have such fancy stuff...so much so that it takes ages for the page to open. More often than not, I would just leave. Not that much time to waste waiting and waiting... All nonsense anyway and even posting a comment is such a hassle! Not "user-friendly"!

  5. PL: I like my current template too.
    It's simple & straight forward.
    I'm looking to keep that concept but spice it up with a little bit of creativity.

    MK: Yeah... I'm looking for a change.
    Too many ppl using the same template.

    KW: Thanks for the tip!
    But what I want to do is more complex than that.

    AW: Yup. I'm a reflective internet user who frequently struggles with slow internet so I get what you're saying.
    I'll definitely keep all that in mind when designing my new template.
    I'm also a firm believer of less is more.

  6. Whatever you do, pls don't make it beight pink ala xiaxue,cheesie and fourfeetnine

  7. Hm. I like this old, fuss-free, black backdrop. It's simple enough to NOT take attention away from your writings and pictures.

    Change does not always make something better.

  8. you can try doing it yourself. if free templates don't cut it for you, there's plenty of guides you can google out there to help you. that's how i made my current template. It takes some time, but it's pretty fun to make something that is truly your own. not to mention, you'll save yourself some bucks.

  9. lol. sorry bro. I've totally forgotten about it :p

  10. Phee: Do I look like a pinky person to you? haha~~

    Trish: When I change it... it's for the better. =)

    Najib: I might do that if nobody responds.

    Ethan: Do you still want the job?

  11. if u use wordpress blog then i'm the right person to design your blog. 110% u will satisfied. but unlucky u use blogspot.

  12. well jarod. maybe you can start looking at wordpress and start having your own domain name ;)

    i really like wordpress. last time, i had to go crazy and ask help from my bf. now, i just need to browse the design that i like, then upload the .zip file and less than 5 minutes, they will display your latest blog theme. simple as that.

  13. I think for blogs, keep it simple and loading fast. Thats the most important thing. Content must be worth reading. A beautiful template means nothing if the content is empty.

    I change my template every now and then, but I really like my current theme, and its free :) I suggest you get a domain. Its only RM110 a year, which you can recover from adverts if you have a good following.


  14. Harry: haha~~ thanks anyway.

    Aini: I looked at wordpress but I still prefer blogspot.

    Cyril: I only get RM50 a year from ads so nope... RM110 is too much!
    I just want to change me background & maybe add a banner at the top.
    I think I'll make use of my magazine committee graphics guy.

  15. oh so you really prefer with blogspot.
    but blogspot very have limited to design compare with wordpress.

    i am wordpress lover. hehe.

    my blog have frontpage (index) before we enter the blog. Take a look mine http://myriadmemento.andyroland.net/

    maybe you can change your mind after visit mine :-)

  16. Still prefer Blogspot.


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