Ever Wondered Why I Get Paid More Than The Average Teacher?

I have been 'blessed' by the heavens to receive RM500 more than many of my fellow teachers in Malaysia.
Here's why...

Sometimes my white rice is brown
Sometimes I don’t brush my crown
Drinking the water makes me frown
Plus there’s no road to town

I go up and down in a boat
No it’s not something I’d gloat
It’s overcrowded and barely able to float
That’s coz I’m not alone being remote

taken from deadzones.com
My workplace is so splendid
Once you’re there life’s ended
Mobile reception is retarded
My girlfriend thinks she’s mistreated

Buy her a present coz your money isn’t spent
Make sure it’s big and shiny or she’ll resent
What? Getting paid and still I lament?
Hmm… Perhaps it’s time for me to repent

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