Ever Wondered Why I Get Paid More Than The Average Teacher?

I have been 'blessed' by the heavens to receive RM500 more than many of my fellow teachers in Malaysia.
Here's why...

Sometimes my white rice is brown
Sometimes I don’t brush my crown
Drinking the water makes me frown
Plus there’s no road to town

I go up and down in a boat
No it’s not something I’d gloat
It’s overcrowded and barely able to float
That’s coz I’m not alone being remote

taken from deadzones.com
My workplace is so splendid
Once you’re there life’s ended
Mobile reception is retarded
My girlfriend thinks she’s mistreated

Buy her a present coz your money isn’t spent
Make sure it’s big and shiny or she’ll resent
What? Getting paid and still I lament?
Hmm… Perhaps it’s time for me to repent


    Interesting! =)

  2. whoaaaaa....
    very nice la!!
    yeah, i'm also in the same situation, no filtered tap water & no mobile reception..
    but thankfully there's a company road (jalan balak) to connect me to the nearest town.

  3. nice and interesting.. all the best

  4. hmm.. i dont get how the poem is related to the title.. lol.. but the poem is nice =)


  5. Ew. White rice turned brown. Gross!

  6. nice!
    be happy for the 'sufferings' for they increase your worth!

  7. You deserve that extra cash because you do more than most regular teachers! And of course, for the boat rides, lack of communication and simply for having to be so removed from civilisation.

    Btw, I never feel mistreated =) ....but anything shiny in a blue box is always appreciated. Hehe.
    Tiffany's! Tiffany's! Tiffany's!

  8. It is easier when one is young but it entails enormous sacrifice.. the nation needs your sacrifice . u seem to b doing a great job adapting to the circumstances

  9. Jon: Thanks!

    Hanim: And a sweet RM500 every month too?

    Supia: Thanks!

    Ken: The RM500 is a hardship allowance. =)

    Vio: Gross right? Imagine brushing your teeth with water that tastes like dirt?

    Nisa: What worth? I'm just a common maggot in the government.

    Sarah: Yup!

    Karen: I do hope so!

    Sawi: I actually think that I deserve more money!

    Beng: Thanks for the encouragement, dude.
    I'm doing my best because I see a need that I have the power to provide for.

  10. Anonymous13/3/10 19:44

    Plus there's no need to pay rent
    Water and electricity is free
    Can save every single sent
    For your weekend shopping spree

    Don't have to pay for internet
    Though sometimes connection is slow
    But there is no reason to fret
    Streamyx can be as bad or more

    Collect rain water when it falls
    Let it settle and be clear
    No chlorine, no pollution and all
    Safe to use and drink, never fear

    Many have neither roof nor water
    No food, no money in the banks
    What we have, we should treasure
    Count our blessings & give thanks

  11. Anonymous13/3/10 19:45

    *cent or sen

  12. I'm human... I want more to be happy!
    Gimmie gimmie MORE!
    Gimmie MORE!

  13. during my time, when i had no money to buy air tickets to go home. after sending money home there was really little left over, i just stayed put when everybody else went home. when the wind blew, the whole shack trembled. creepy crawlies crawled in through the floorboards. the winds made the windows rattle. in the past i couldnt sleep once i woke up. and the mosquitoes... i am surprised i had any blood left. searched n looked n asked for buckets to collect the rain water from the leaks. i neednt have bothered really. i should have just let it flow right through the floorboards after all under it was just plain beach sand. i was silly then as i am today. on my first day on my way to report, i was riding pillion n fell off n into a roadside ditch cos of my big luggage. i was lonely, gave all my best to my career n played ping pong to keep loneliness at bay. glad that episode is now over in my life. sometimes a little appreciation for the work we have done cheers us up lots when there is little else to cheer us up. it was really silly that to retain my sanity i kept a diary to express my thoughts. nowadays i blog. so things havent really changed hehe

  14. Interior postings of my time arent as hardcore as it was years ago.
    Many amenities have been in place since then.
    Thank you for your sacrifice, sir.

  15. Jarod,
    I'm linking this entry to an entry of mine. Hope you are OK with that.

  16. No worries!
    I'm happy there's free publicity!


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