My First Year In Education

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First of all...

Yes, you guessed it...
It’s the holidays!!!

Yes, being a teacher has not taken the joy out of holidays.
No, dear students, we do not enjoy prowling around in school.
Yes, teachers are also capable of fun & some really stupid things.
No, you may not do the same in our presence.

2009 will be remembered in history.
It’s my 1st year as an overseas graduate.
It’s my 1st year in the workforce.
It’s my 1st year as a full-fledged teacher.
It’s my 1st year making my own money & spending it anyhow or anywhere I like... YES!!

It has also been a really challenging year.
I was placed in a school in the middle of the jungle accessible only by water.
I suffered a year of lousy internet & no cell-phone coverage.
I worked with students who have little interest & ability in my subject matter.
I had to learn from scratch the mechanics of classroom management & the art of workplace politics.
I had to work my ass off as a new teacher aka slave in the school.
I had to cook, clean & iron... I feel like such a housekeeper.

It has also been a year of achievements.
I produced a high-quality school magazine.
I survived the worst class.
I made monkeys sit still, learn & do better in their examinations.
I made students speak English to me.
I was an excellent educator, motivator, amplifier, secretary, clerk, subordinate, manager, housemate, chef & photographer.

Despite all the difficulties faced, I’d say this has been a good year.
I’m looking forward to more.
But first… I need a break.


  1. haha.. survived the worst class...good! =D
    enjoy the holidays!

  2. Well done Ah Kam! =)

    I bet 2010 will be quite a breeze for you now that you know how things are done.;)

  3. ahhh the holidays. sweet smell of liberation. yess, while you can now shake you booty and ronggeng I have to endure another month of invigilation. it's okay, it's your turn next year! happy holidays jarod!

  4. yay! you've completed a whole circle and made it a wonderful one too!

    looking forward to seeing you again very soon =)

  5. i wonder do teachers get paid during the holidays ?

    anyway , happy holidays . at least you established your presence at the school by popping up everywhere to get the job done .

    so , planning on a get together in kl anytime soon ?

  6. Congratulations! Im sure your proud.
    Im going to make an educated guess here and say that: you'll definitely be going to KL ;)

    Enjoy your hols! Think of people like me, toiling away at school...

  7. Happy Hols, Jarod!! Kinda feel the same excitement~ hehe..

  8. Happy holidays Koko, :)

  9. Ken: Thanks!

    Dreamer: Thanks!

    PohLin: Not quite. Just like a good TV drama... There will be new & exciting challenges coming my way next year!

    tasha: Well, Thank you dear dedicated teacher for your sacrifice.
    Your actions have made another life better! MINE! hahaha~~

    Sawi: Thanks!

    Vio: Of coz I get paid!
    I'll get in contact with you guys soon.
    Wud definitely love to beat all of you in a game of bowling!

    Sarah: Do your best, Sarah!

    Mimi: Yup! =)

    Jessica: Thanks!

  10. glad that we've made it!

    congratulations Jarod!

    -farah azmi

  11. A journey of a thousand li begins with the first step! Congrats, keep walking!

  12. id like to be a teacher one day. although i dont think i'd be a great one but all that holidays :O

  13. congrats! May the spirit burn again and again..

  14. Farah: YES! Congrats to you too!

    Arthur: Thanks for supporting me, Arthur.
    You are an inspiration!

    June: Dont be blinded by the holidays. They are there because they are DESERVED.
    Now, why would a teacher deserve such long breaks? Go figure!

    Cyril: Thanks!

  15. I ADORE YOU..



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