Students Participated In The Global Leadership Summit

So, what have you been learning from home?

Last weekend, 12 leaders from SMK Tabuan Jaya, Sarawak State Sports School, & Cikgu Yong attended the Global Leadership Summit 2020 which took place online. Despite battling with horrible mobile connections, we learned to be more effective leaders from a panel of world-class speakers. In this collage, we summarize what we've learned into one word.

Join me in congratulating Anas, Erika, Sharen, Adriana, Esther, Chris, Andy, Filipi, Andy,
Welker, Mc Claren, & Alvin!

Everyone at school looks forward to supporting each of you in achieving success in your lives!

Thank you to the generous sponsors who made this possible, Evelyn Zeigler, Jon Chu, & JuLian Yap!

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