REDfm Interview on Teacher's Day (2020)

That facepalm moment... How I felt after the interview. Why am I so emotional?
DJ Alin was excellent in managing the situation though. Kudos to her!

On Teacher's Day, I was interviewed by REDfm for a Teachers Day special &, unfortunately, I was an emotional wreck on LIVE radio. In the interview, I shared what I did teaching English in challenging situations in Sarawak, my greatest achievement (that's when I broke down emotionally), as well as my current projects & ideas moving forward.

At a random moment on the next day, my mother suddenly came up to me, dropped a bombshell and then quickly left me like a deer blinking in the headlights. She told me with a finger in my face that she disagreed with what I said in the interview, but only the ending part. Haha... She has always been a straight shooter & she didn't mean anything nasty about it. She was probably being a little naughty too.

You'll have to watch the interview to find out what I said that was so controversial. Bear in mind, the interview was 24 mins long. However, I've included a slideshow of my different experiences as a teacher in Malaysia to keep your eyes distracted while your ears are listening.

Let me know if you've done the same things in your teaching situation!

Thank you, REDfm, for interviewing me live during your English segment. DJ Alin was great! Give her a raise!
Thanks, Hazel, for the introduction & thanks, Hilmi, for recording the session.

Check it the recording:

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