Assignments During the COVID-19 MCO

*The following has been distributed to most of my students via existing WhatsApp group channels. I really really really hope that my students would actually have a go at the tasks. It would be pretty epic.

If you're not my student & you'll like to try any of the following out, send me your work & I'd love to take a look at it with you & (with your permission) share them with the world.*

Dear students,

How are things at home? I hope that you & family are well. I know that you must not miss me so much. I miss you too & I am also very worried about your English. Have you been practicing your English like we talked about before the holidays? I understand that you have duties at home & other teachers have also assigned you homework. Therefore, I will keep mine simple & you can choose your level of difficulty. Remember, anang jaku parai sebedau nuan try.

Let me know if you have more questions. You may share updates/thoughts from the assignment in the group. Looking forward to seeing you again!


1. Translate one song that you love from BM/Bahasa Iban to English.
2. Get ready to teach your classmates to sing that song.

This is a scene from one of my favorite songs in BM. Can you guess the song?
I can sing this one pretty well too. One of my karaoke favorites.


1. Every day, choose one newspaper article on to read.
2. In a notebook, copy the title, date & author (if available) of the article.
3. Note down 3 main ideas from the article.
4. Note down 1 word that is new/difficult & copy the meaning from
5. You must read 5 newspaper articles in total.

I like NST for their simple straightforward news articles. Best of all, no paywall.

(Optional) ===Chicken Dinner-Level===

1. Based on a profession/hobby you're interested in, choose one video to watch from this playlist
2. Write a 1-page essay in response to the video. What video did you watch? What is your interest? How did you discover it? What did you learn from the video? How is it different from what you knew previously?

(Optional) ---SSS Rating---
3. Include the following guiding questions in your essay:
- How much do you agree with the "expert" in the video? What are the disagreements?
- What did the "expert" miss out on? What are other important concepts/misconceptions not depicted in the video?

There are many informative videos here that non-students will want to check out too.

(Optional) ===Bonus Challenge===

Design a comic book of 1-5 pages long. Depict life before, during, & after the COVID-19 Movement Control Order in Malaysia. Your work can be completely fictional, based loosely on actual occurrences.

- If Malaysian Politics Was an Anime
- If Malaysian Politics Was an Anime PART 2
- If Covid-19 was an anime

(Optional) ---SSS Rating---
I don't care about pretty drawings. Surprise me with the creativity of your ideas & how you use comics to effectively draw on my emotions.

This one is too funny to miss. You'll definitely want to check it out!

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