Judge At Junior Innovate Sarawak 2019

Do I look judgy to you?
Luckily, my belly is covered so I still look slim. Good angle, photographer!
Honored to be involved as a judge of Junior Innovate Sarawak 2019 during the Borneo International Drobotex at the Borneo Convention Center Kuching (BCCK). We were tasked with selecting the best 3 teams to represent Sarawak at the national finals in Penang.

Students developed computer games with both hardware & software components using Adruino & a whole lot of creativity. There were bonus marks for making recycled materials a key part of the game.

During the judging process, I spent 5 hours examining 16 projects from all over Sarawak & was very impressed with the digital & physical artwork of our the participants, who were all at the primary level. Many of them were not fluent in English, but it was clear that they put in a lot of effort to practice their presentations.

Thank you, Nigel for including me in this project. I love what Chumbaka Kuching & All Aboard Youth Learning Centre are doing for the children in Sarawak & may programs like these nurture & discover great technological innovators who will transform our country for the better.

Picture album here.

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