My Millennial Trains Project: Organisations I'll Be Learning From

This week, I will embark on a soul-seeking journey across the US with the Millennial Trains Project.
From July 31 to August 7, I will be away on a transcontinental train journey across the US together with the most amazing individuals from around the world.

During my journey, I will:
1) Learn about efforts to bridge educational disparities in undeserved communities (low income, minority, refugee, immigrant, etc). I will visit individual/s, school/s or organisation/s, learn the what, why, & how of their program/s, & share everything I've learned online so that my fellow educators around the world can benefit too.

2) Propose a Youth Video Exchange Project between students in the US & Malaysia. I want to be able to give back to the cities that I'm visiting. Something that will be useful to them. Therefore, I will invite the teachers in those cities to mentor a team of their students in this video exchange project.

Here is the list of organisations that I am scheduled to meet for my project:


PRYSE Academy (Pittsburgh Refugee Youth Summer Enrichment)
Great Public Schools Pittsburgh
One Pittsburgh


Youth Guidance

Kansas City:


NAPPR (Native American Professional Parent Resources)
NACA (Native American Community Academy)

Los Angeles:

Bresee Foundation

I foresee that the journey will require most of my time & attention, and good mobile internet coverage may be scarce in rural US, so I will not be able to updating all of my social media platforms. Additionally, I want to immerse myself in the experience & get to know my fellow participants. Therefore, I will only be sharing about my journey on Twitter with #MTPtrain as it a quick & concise way to share.

I'm looking forward to a life-changing trip! =D

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