Presented at Celebration of Teaching

One of the five groups I've shared with!
Today, I had the pleasure of sharing a Reading Activity at the Celebration of Teaching at Teachers College, Columbia University. But, the most valuable part was the opportunity to rub shoulders with like-minded people & learn practical teaching activities from the other presenters. I also enjoyed the positive energy & good vibes at the event. I will most definitely take part in next year's CoT.

Well done, guys! Special thanks to Taiwanese TV teacher, Ping, for encouraging me to submit my presentation proposal!

The Reading Activity:

Here is the Reading Activity that I shared. I hope that it's useful to you!

Features: provides a purpose for reading the passage & an incentive for reading in detail, Communicative, Collaborative, & Multiple Intelligences.
Desired outcome: Students produce a visual representation of what they knew before reading & what they learned from the passage.
Materials: flip-chart paper & markers

1. Reveal the title of the reading passage to students.
2. Instruct them to write down everything that they know about the topic & make predictions on the content. They will record all their ideas on a mind-map with words/pictures.

1. Instruct students, while they're reading, to double check the ideas they've written in the mind-map.
-Tick ideas that were true.
-Cross ideas that were false.
-Question mark ideas that were not addressed by the article.
-Write down new ideas that you've learned & mark them with a star.
2. Distribute the passage & let them read it.

1. Instruct students to share their mind-maps with the rest of the class. Pay special attention to the ideas marked with a question mark. Ask them to explain why they thought of that.
2. Students can address the ideas marked with the question mark as homework & talk about it during the next class.
3. Move on to other post-reading activities: comprehension questions, role play, written response, etc.

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