Phantom of the Opera @ Majestic Theatre

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Finally achieved a life-long dream & caught the Phantom of the Opera musical theatre!!
Reminded me of my secondary school years when I was part of the school choir taking part in district-, & state-level competitions. I remembered all the hard work that we put in to perfect the emotions & remember the words. Brought tears to my eyes listening to the songs again.

If you've never caught the Phantom of the Opera before, you should. Andrew Lloyd Webber did a great job with the musical. It's one of the longest running musicals on Broadway for a reason. One thing that will surely impress you, when you catch it at Majestic, is the detailed and grandiose setups for each scene. There is a lot to take in with your eyes.

Having seen countless videos & performed the songs myself, one point of criticism I had was the whole musical seemed too rushed. They didn't allow for time to pause & let the emotions sink in. I guess for something as popular as PotO, there is a fine line between art & commercialization. Perhaps it's lost its soul after years & years of popular demand? Still, it doesn't stop streams of tourists from attending the show every day.

If you've never caught Phantom of the Opera on stage, you'll be blown away. If you're very familiar with earlier work, you might be slightly disappointed but there is still a lot for you to appreciate, the nostalgia of the good ol' days.

Tip: They always have promotions so be sure to follow their social media accounts or wait for NYC 2for1 Broadway Week which happens twice a year in late summer or late winter!

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