How Your Students Can Study At Oxford University @ Leaps Of Knowledge

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Yup, representatives from St Anne's College of the University of Oxford will be in Malaysia to talk about how to get accepted. Also, you'll get the chance to meet & learn from your future professors.

I was pretty excited when I first heard of this conference. Since it would cost too much to bring even one of my students to this event, I wanted to attend myself so that I could coach my students & share with the teachers I'm mentoring. Alas, I've got a super fun programme planned at school which will take up that entire weekend.

Therefore, I'm sharing about it here so that you have a chance of getting your students there! They'll get a nice certificate too. Lucky accompanying teachers might be able to sneak in, soak in the intellectual atmosphere & return speaking like Arry Potter. If you do attend, do share what you've learned with little ol' me!

Leaps of Knowledge Conference 2015 @ Garden International School
9am, Saturday, 25 July 2015.

Isn't it super tough to get into Oxford? Why should I even try?

Think. What would a successful person like Tony Fernandes do?
It's likely that he'll find out what it takes someone who has done it before or EVEN BETTER learn from someone who is actually PART OF THE ADMISSION PROCESS. This is precisely why you should attend this conference.

At this conference, Oxford representatives AND current Malaysian undergraduates will speak to students to aspire and apply into the University of Oxford. If you are serious about your education or getting into Oxford, there's no better opportunity to meet someone FROM Oxford as well as others like you who ARE STUDYING in Oxford in the flesh & all under one roof! It isn't impossible to get into the world's best and get an educational advantage that will help you in your future career! Carpe opportunitatem!!!

About Leaps Of Knowledge

During the conference, you will learn about:
  • Application Processes - Representatives from the University of Oxford will talk about necessary application processes for studying in the UK or applying to Oxford.
  • Life There from the Malaysian Perspective - Current Malaysian students at Oxford and members of the Oxford University Malaysia Club (OUMC) will hold a panel discussing life abroad in the UK. You can ask the panel questions.
  • Admission Interviews (Live) - The famous Oxford admissions interview will be demonstrated for attendees to watch. You can get a better picture of the type of questions usually asked and be better prepared.
  • The Subjects Taught at Oxford - Professors from St Anne’s College and the University of Oxford will be talking about the subjects they teach on campus. Subjects range from Geography to Biochemistry to Law to Physics to Engineering to Mathematics to Computing to Trade and Conflict Resolution. You can better understand and identify which the subjects you would like to undertake at Oxford.
  • Exhibits - An exhibition area will be decorated to mimic environments in the University of Oxford and Oxford town. You can take part in fun activities, speak to students from the OUMC and learn more about the Frog VLE.
Every student in Malaysia has a 1BestariNet ID.
Teachers & parents with ID can enjoy the group rate too!
Retrieve your ID from the teacher-in-charge of 1BestariNet at your school. You can attend this conference for only RM10 if you find 4 other friends to join you!

Location: Grand Hall of Garden International School

Anybody going for this?
Posted by Mr Yong (Jarod Yong) on Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Looking at the Facebook event (above), it seems not many people know about this conference. Less people = more opportunities! If you're a teacher in the Klang valley like KL, Selangor & Putrajaya or nearby like Seremban & Ipoh, you really have to share this with your students. How far do you want them to go? Do you see their potential? Do you believe in them?

Share this post with your students & encourage them to go. It's incredibly easy nowadays. Share this blog post on social media or print this poster (link required) & display it at school. Tell them to find 4 friends, retrieve their 1BestariNet ID (every student in Malaysia has one) from the teacher in-charge of 1BestariNet at school, register their 1BestariNet ID online & register for the conference at RM10 each (with the group discount).

This might require a little bit of work on the side of the teacher or students but the savings are worth it. After the conference, your students might or might not come back & thank you for the opportunity. But, when these students eventually do get into Oxford or another university in the UK, you'll know in your heart that you played a part in helping them to get there & that is all the reward that you need as a teacher who is willing to give your best to see your students excel.

For more information. visit, email the organisers at, call the support hotline at +6018 799 8787 or contact me.

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