I Signed Up To Get Windows 10 For Free

My first thoughts were: What? Is this a virus? Scam?
Still, I clicked on it to find out what it was about.
Today, I turned on my laptop & found this peculiar icon on my taskbar. I wondered for a moment whether my laptop was infected with a virus but I'm really careful with viruses & "free" toolbars so it was likely that this was a legit icon from Microsoft.

So, I clicked to find out what it was about & unveiled a wonderful present from uncle Bill & co.

Windows 10 is ALL MINE?!! Okay!
I'm not sure if it is necessary to provide an email, but I did so out of curiosity.
Remember NOT to check the box because it'll give them the green light to SPAM you.
Now, we play the waiting game.
I also looked online to find out more & this is what I found:
1) Only the first year of Windows 10 is free.
2) Free updates are only for Windows 7 & 8.1 users.
Back on my laptop, I looked all over the window that popped up & didn't find anything about future charges. Not even in the small print. So, I'm signing up expecting to get the OS for free since it is what they promised here.
It'll be very unethical for Microsoft to surprise me a year later with a message saying, "Hello, again. Now that you're accustomed to Windows 10, you have 30 days to pay us $888 in order to continue using Windows 10 or you're piece of software will be declared illegal & receive annoying popups until you pay up!".

If this is not showing up on your computer (mine is a Windows 7), you might need to turn on Windows Update. I have mine downloading automatically because I want to protect my computer from the latest bugs & security vulnerabilities.
Hope this article was useful for you! I'm on my way to getting a free copy of Windows 10!
Share your thoughts in the comments below!

UPDATE:: I got this email from Microsoft a day later.
I found out that the upgrade will be available from July 29.
I also found out that it is truly FREE!!!
Read the FAQ from Microsoft.

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