Update On The Power Outage

Candlelight dinners every night.
I've also become very good at Xiang Qi (Chinese Chess) & Dou Shou Qi (Jungle Chess).
Dear supporters of my school, thank you so much for sharing the call for help so fervently that it went viral on social media. Each & every one of you have demonstrated that Malaysians of all walks of life really do care. I am thankful to have so many angels out there looking out for my school & sharing our situation with the influential people they know. Now, there is both attention on our situation from the ground & from "above".

Thankfully, we have now got the full attention of the relevant authorities & they are working extra hard to swiftly materialise their promises to our school. Improvements are happening every day due to the combined efforts of people of all levels. With so much public interest, I am confident that the school will be up & running like it's supposed to be very very soon. If I am allowed to, I will write about the good work done at my school.

However, undesirables are also eyeing the school. I have been turning down the press & parties looking to politicise the situation. Only the State Education Director can give statements to the press so please don't approach me. Also, I want to stay as apolitical as possible. As a civil servant, I serve the government of the day. I seriously have no time for politics. My time is better spent on the young lives who depend on me.

Let me clarify that I wrote about the situation of my school NOT to condemn any party, deliberately cause chaos, or embarrass anyone. I wasn't looking for a fight or making accusations. I was CALLING FOR HELP. Our situation was desperate. So, please don't take advantage of our plight to make accusations or speculations until the investigation by the ministry is complete.

Furthermore, it is true that I disregarded the SOP & broke ranks when I published the call for help publicly. My crime was I went ahead & disclosed sensitive information to the public without the permission from my superiors. Civil servants must appear professional at all times. Once the school is up & running & the public forgets, perhaps that is when I shall answer for stirring up the hornet's nest.

As I mentioned in the call for help, I am willing to take responsibility for my actions & I humbly submit myself to the fair judgement of my superiors. I'm not looking for a fight because it is a waste of my time & energy. I've always been about collaborating & making a real difference. Looking at the comments in my call for help, I realise that I had divided people instead of uniting them for a good cause. I'm ending the sharing campaign. There is no need for that any more.

Finally, I want to make a public apology to my colleagues, my principal, the district office, the state education office, the education ministry, ministers, assemblymen, & everyone else I've bothered for causing a fuss & possibly interfering with the work on ameliorating the school. Thank you for taking swift action. My hope is that, with your help, our school will become better than before.

A big thanks to everyone who lent a hand. Do continue to pray for SMK Katibas!
Please let people know that the situation has taken a turn for the better!

Footnote: You must be thinking that someone forced me to write this. Nope. I wrote this out of my own volition having actualised the cry for help & realising that I might have done more harm than good. I will now get out of the way so that those who are actually doing the work can deliver without interference. I absolutely can't wait to see my students again! We've got so much to catch up on! Also, I've got quite a bit of paperwork to catch up with too... =D

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