Featured in The Star - 18 May 2014

It is an honour to be featured. Thank you, Mdm Mallika Vasugi.
I'm not sure if I deserve to be painted in such a noble light.
Today, I was featured in The Star together with Cikgu Warid who teaches at SK Balar, an Orang Asli school in Gua Musang, Kelantan. I have a lot of respect for what Warid does at his school. He is as passionate & persistent in educating rural children as I am. Congrats, buddy! You deserve it!

Furthermore, I want to say that Warid & I are NOT unique. There are plenty of teachers out there serving with all their hearts both in the pedalaman & in the concrete jungles. They deserve just as much plaudit & recognition as the both of us. Many of them are slaving away year after year without even a word of thanks from anyone because they are meek or introverted.

Also, there are plenty of teachers serving in situations far worse than mine. Shout out to those serving in rural areas which require way longer travelling hours in 4WD or on boats as well as those who depend on rainwater & eat canned food every day. They are true unsung heroes who are quietly serving without expecting much in return. You have my deepest respect.

After reading this, please remember the teachers that you know. Send them a message of encouragement. Do it on Facebook or on Twitter. It's free for crying out loud!
All teachers need encouragement & it's not fair for me to get all the attention just because my face appears in the newspapers. Remember a teacher today!

Read the online article, here:

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