2014 Form 3 Pentaksiran Pusat (PP) Schedule

If you're asking me what the heck PP is, please read up on Pentaksiran Pusat with the slides below.

If the slides are not clear enough, this blog post & this blog post should provide you with more than you need.

p/s: They have not come up with a name for the exam yet. For the time being, it's designated PP (Pentaksiran Pusat). And, for god's sake, stop saying PBSMR which is based purely on hearsay & picked up by our oh so independent & trustworthy media!!!

What does this mean for the English Language in Form 3?

There will be an exam in October in a format very different from what was in PMR. The new exam will test the 4 language skills of your students. i.e. Listening, Speaking, Reading & Writing. Make sure you polish these skills this year. Those teaching Form 1 & 2 would do well to start early. Also, do implement your understanding of the new format in the coming Mid-Semester Exams.

I will only reveal details of the new format after it is officially made public by LPM. Don't want to end up famous & in jail now, do I?

I think that this new format might actually be a good thing for English language teaching in our country. Having all 4 skills tested at high stakes will most definitely encourage teachers to start working on the much neglected Listening & Speaking skills. Students will probably have another reason to want to listen & speak the language too.

As it was with PMR, LPM will prepare the test papers & the exams will be held in the respective schools. However, at this point, I understand that teachers will be invigilating & examining their own students (based on guidelines provided by the ministry, of course). Marks will be keyed into an online system (no surprise there). KPM will prepare the necessary transcripts & certificates.

I will update this blog post as new information comes in.

When is this... PP?

Here is a link to the complete schedule & timetable.

This is something I got off a friend who got it off a friend.
At this time of the year, I wouldn't treat this more than as a rough guideline.

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