The Days I Did A Naked Rain Dance

This is what happens at my jungle school when the main pump breaks down & there is no water coming out of the pipes.

Anybody feel like drinking boiled river water?
Even after 6 years, I still gag at this but, when you're desperate, you really have to man up.
If it rains, we get to collect rain water which is clean & good for cooking.
While it is raining, I do everything that is water intensive like washing towels & bedsheets.
Also, I store rainwater in a large container in my bathroom for emergency use.
If it doesn't rain, we bathe in the river. I do my laundry at the same time. Thank God for the river.
I carry 2 buckets of river water back to my quarters for kitchen & toilet use.
I don't cook with or drink river water if I can help it.

We really don't know the value of the simple things we take for granted until we have to live an extended period without it.
So, do be thankful for all the little things you have. While you're at it, do pray for us.

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