Slides from My English Language PMR Exam Talks

Here's a special treat for all the Form 3 English Language teachers!!!
Last Friday, my PK1 informed me that a school in Bintulu asked if I was available to give a talk at their school. Tonight, a colleague came to my house & confirmed the name of the school & the name of the requesting teacher. Apparently, this teacher had no idea how to contact me so she asked my friend's girlfriend to ask him if he could ask me if I would do it.
Honestly, how hard is it to Google up my name or the name of my school & find me. Jeez.
Also, how did she hear about me if not for my blog or my fb page? I would love to know.

I would prefer that people, who want me to conduct any talks, contact me directly so that we can both find out if I am really what they need.
No need to waste time & effort to go through proxies only to find out that it was all for naught.

Being invited to hold this talk & hearing its justification (teachers no experience, have no idea who to ask), really made me feel for all the teachers out there who are hungry to learn but have nowhere to go or have no idea how to use Google.
I thought about it long & hard because these slides were the fruit of a lot of hard work searching, reading, analysing, networking, begging, bribing, typing, composing, editing & revising every year.

I am not an examiner. I have never been one. But I have talked to plenty & learned from many.
Also, I have always been a proponent of sharing & have an open door policy to any teacher who seeks my counsel. Mainly because my predecessors & teachers I look up to have set a good example of generosity for me to follow.
Arthur Wee & Richard Tham amongst my most generous of contributors.

In the end, here you go... a democratisation of information.
Here are the slides I have used in 2012 to good results.
Here is 4 years worth of my experience preparing Form 3 students for PMR.
Use it as you wish but do not be selfish as I have not been selfish with you.


  1. I saw ur post via a friend's old blog, and found it amusing that teachers these days (i supposed they had been through tertiary education) seem like "katak di bawah tempurung" when it comes to internet and resources. these resources for Malaysian exams scoring skills have existed to be downloaded from internet since MY exam time back in the 90s. i sigh with relief knowing that there are a couple of teacher-friends and you guys who are working towards helping these teachers to crawl out from the coconut shell :) Kudos to your effort!

    1. Sometimes, they were taught to be that way to avoid extra work. Buat bodoh. Will get paid the same anyway.
      Sometimes I wonder. Should we work to cari makan or cari pahala?

    2. Teaching is a vocation. I used to hate it when my ex-colleagues told me they are there to "cari makan". The notoriety of the teaching world is these people tend to suffocate those who really want to do something for the students. Worse still, behaving like kids by boycotting and badmouthing teachers who do something. I had rather bad experience with evil principal and his cronies, but managed to outlive him and waited long enough for a better principal to arrive before leaving those teens.

    3. hahaha~~~ I'm glad you've outlived those evil dudes.

    4. Oh well... I pity those form threes who were labeled as 3 Fail and 3 Hell. Well, they are vocal and sometimes liked to say rubbish stuffs, e.g. RANAU when I asked about some moral values to one of those guys, but they were very nice in nature. I didn't think how they could label their own students as such.... @@

    5. I have my own derogatory labels for my students. Lol. I bet they have some for me too.
      I guess it's how we cope with the stress. Sometimes we have to make stressful things look funny so we can face them.

    6. But I'm sure u still like them despite their notoriety in class (the adorable ones after the event passed) :)

    7. Oh, I've been working here for 5 years. My students know better than to get on my bad side, which includes doing their homework half-heartedly. lol

  2. Thanks for the special mention.

    I used to go round giving talks but what put me off THE MOST was how teachers were NOT bothered to attend and LEARN what they can do themselves to help their students. That one-off talk kind of thing is not going to help the students that much. They just sent the students and conveniently disappeared. The worst was one school in Kuching where the teachers only appeared when it was time for lunch and food was provided. Tsk! Tsk!

    Some are organising these talks as the principals are breathing down their necks over the dismal exam results...not that they are genuinely concerned and would like to help the students AND themselves.

    I also shared with teachers as to what they could do to help the students all the time...and yet, there were some who would phone me to ask this and that - and I was utterly disappointed when they told me that those going back to their own schools kept everything to themselves and did not bother to share with their colleagues.

    I know there are many like you going all out to help the students and also your fellow-educators, praise the Lord...but sadly, there are some/many who are not fit to be called teachers, not at all.

    1. You deserve more than special mention for what you have given me when I was a developing teacher.
      I'm going to continue what you've done by mentoring younger teachers with as much generosity & enthusiasm.
      Hopefully, we will have enough good teachers to offset the influence of bad teachers.

  3. Felt shameful that I didn't put in the effort like you did, to prepare such slides. It was mostly marker and talk. Repeated for ten times, yet some of them appeared clueless during exam.

    It's the last year for PMR, hope your generosity in sharing will benefit some, if not all of my PMR Students.

    P/s realized you didn't put your name on. Will still acknowledge you. God bless you JK!

    1. Well, I do hope that those slides will be of use to you & I'm glad that you are going to share it with your PMR students. God bless you too.

  4. I am glad you made the extra effort and put in your due diligence for your passion in teaching. That is not something you see a lot of, not just in teachers, but in most professions and that is very sad indeed. Awesome work man!

    1. It feels good to be good at what you do. Passion is easy after that. ;)

  5. thank you for sharing :)..very inspiring as usual!


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