Only 14 Hrs Of Electricity A Day

It's 12 am & I'm experiencing the first of many blackouts at my school.
Today (1 July) is the first day that this rural school will only receive enough diesel for 14hrs of electricity per day.
This means that we will have to cut 10hrs of electricity out of our every day life.

This is our daily schedule:
5am Students wake up.            1pm Morning classes end.
3pm Afternoon classes begin.   5pm Afternoon classes end.
7pm Evening self-study begins. 10pm Evening tea ends.

We're really being pushed here.
On a bare minimum, my school requires at least 13hrs of electricity to run!
Our curricular & co-curricular activities can still go on but gone are the comforts of a blasting fan on a hot day, refreshing afternoon showers, relaxing in front of the tv/computer or working late.
I'll probably miss most of the 2010 World Cup games. bummer~~

I'm not going to point fingers & start a pointless rant but...
It's days like these when you wish the 1 million given to top schools were used to generate electricity for performing rural secondary schools like mine.

Saya Berkorban Demi Negara


  1. And I complain when the heater needs restarting.

    Thanks for this reality check


  2. "wish the 1 million given to top schools were used to generate electricity for performing rural secondary schools" <---YES!!!

  3. shame on MOE. those elite schools are already nicely funded by PTA and many NGO. What a shame they refused to fund other schools and pilih kasih towards schools that are not elite. I thought education is about equality of receiving PROPER education? Check back the Falsafah Pendidikan please.

  4. Sarah: There is much that ppl in cities take for granted, eh?

    Rosyada: Kan?
    I was very vexed when I first read that news & now it's just making my blood boil even more!

    Aini: Unfortunately, the Falsafah Pendidikan is for us small fish. Up on top, they have a different agenda altogether.

  5. Anonymous3/7/10 19:14

    What about the food in the fridge? Night time, everybody sleeping - lights off, everything much electricity can actually be saved?

    Can quietly negotiate with the school (food and other stuff) contractor to chip in...but then of course, he/they may have been quietly doing that already - no further comment...if you catch the drift.

  6. Any kind of election will be useful right now. That's the only time that the people up there will pretend that they care about the their rakyat.

  7. Arthur: In all areas of the school finance there have been cuts.
    Parents are forced to pay more this year too.
    The food in the fridge will thankfully last because the generator is switched off at short intervals of not more than 7 hrs at a time.

    Connie: They never cared about the rakyat. They care about face, money & careers.


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