That Feeling You Get Before Returning To School

You know the feeling you get as the holiday draws to an end?
When you think about returning to school in a short time...
When you think about how school was before..
Oh, I feel it.

What is the feeling?
For those of you who are not teachers, I'm sure that you were students before.
How did you feel when your long summer or year end holiday was coming to an end?
Yup, that's what I'm feeling now...

I dread the amount of paperwork & weight I will have to carry during the year.
I dread the naughty students that I have to discipline every time I step into the classroom.
I dread the snobby or backstabbing teachers I will have to work with or see every day.
I dread living in the jungle without Internet & cellphone coverage.

But I go anyway...
I wake up earlier than the rooster to take the early morning flight.
So that I'll arrive in time for the early morning express boat.
Then, I take the connecting boat ride to school.

At school, I see students.
The prefects were there a few days earlier to help in preparing the school.
I see the look on their faces.
I see them smiling at me with recognition.
I see eagerness & purpose.
I see how willingly the boys rush over to help with the heavy baggage.
I see some girls giving me adoring looks.
I see others pretending they didn't see me.

And suddenly, I am reminded of why I work so hard...

The students.


  1. ohhhh it IS dreadful when the school is back haha.but yeah,we have so many gems waitin for us at school! =D

  2. so well put. exactly what i have been feeling a few weeks prior. but once you reach school, everything seems to change. all the best!

  3. Well you gotta do what you gotta do.
    All the best!

  4. Right before school starts....I feel like staying under the covers and just staying in there until the next hols hahahaha.

    You'll make it great this year. The children need you!


  5. Anonymous3/1/10 16:03

    I couldn't wait to get back to school. The long holidays were such a drag. Didn't mind the short breaks though...

  6. I cant wait to see the students on my first day at school!!!

    but i can also imagine your feelings. *sigh*

    BUT, hello future!

  7. Jamie: That's right! =)

    Tasha: Thanks, Tasha!

    Connie: I will!

    Sawi: Thanks, baby!

    Arthur: wow~~ You're one motivated teacher! Sorry... WERE. =)

    Izzy: How are your kids?


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